Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Through the grace of God

Over the last two years, Dave and I have done so many tests to check for fertility and pregnancy (not to mention the gazillion other tests for fertility!). Saliva tests, Urine tests and Basal Body Temperature to check for ovulation. Urine tests to check for pregnancy. Not once have we ever got a positive result on anything. Not for ovulation or for pregnancy.

So, when I walked out of the toilet with the positive pregnancy test on Wednesday night, it put us both in a complete state of shock!

Oh my! Wow!

And I know with all my heart and soul, that we are pregnant through the grace of God. A few months ago, I surrendered the whole journey to God. I said to God that we had tried everything to conceive, we had been pro-active to the enth degree, with no result. I handed it over to God, saying that there was nothing more I can do, that I was helpless and I placed it all into Gods hands. I surrendered and I let go.

Two months later, we are pregnant.

I haven’t stopped thanking God since. Every day, I give thanks. I am so grateful to have been graced with this baby. I feel honoured that we have conceived and that a soul out there in the beyond has chosen us to be its parents.

I will never stop being thankful.

Now, as we journey through this first trimester, I am still placing the journey in God’s hands. I hand over to Him, the health and well-being of our child. I hand over to Him my fears and insecurities. Thy will be done. And in return, I focus on feeling taken care of, at ease and peaceful.

I breathe out a deep sigh.



  1. Annie,

    I'm so thrilled for you guys!!! I had this gut feeling all along that once you stopped working so hard at it, the pregnancy would come. Life is funny that way. It seems the more you try to get something, the more elusive it becomes. Then, when you finally surrender it over to God, amazing things happen. This is how I met my husband. I tried so hard for 2-3 years to make relationships work. One day I sat in my sun room and prayed to God. I gave up the control and 2 months later I met Breen. I am so very happy for you guys!!!


  2. Thank you so much, Jane! I find it interesting that once again we have a similiar story - different content - but the same context. Handing it over and two months later - woohooo!! It is such a blessing.

    Much love to you...

  3. To God Be The Glory and Praises! I am so excited for you and your husband! God who has brought you this blessing will continue to keep you and your little one.