Sunday, July 19, 2009

My first post - trying to get pregnant over 40

Greetings to the blogworld!

This is a new blog for me. I used to blog a long time ago in another lifetime. Since then, so much has changed.

My title is pre-emptive. I'm not there yet, but we are working on it! And the desire to record our journey, for both ourselves and for our future child, has motivated me to blog the process.

It will also be wonderful to meet other mums - especially older new mums! And to learn and share all the tidbits that come along with pregnancy and parenting. At 40 years old, it will certainly be an interesting time.

I went looking for a quote today that would start the ball rolling and found one that is so appropriate to a first post and to the starting point of our dreams.

"Things are as they are and will be brought to the issue destined"
from 'Being' by Susan Hayward

A working philosophy I believed in for a long time. One that keeps me centered, in the moment and accepting of all that comes to be.