Monday, June 13, 2011


I had a miscarriage yesterday.  I don't need to go into how sad we are or what we went through at the hospital and at home.  I'm sure you all know yourselves or at least, can imagine.

What I want to focus on instead, is the positive side of things that we are aware of, even though that awareness may be a little in the distance at the moment.

The doctor gave us the first one.  She said that while it is terrible that we have miscarried, the fact is that we now know that we CAN get pregnant naturally.  We know we can achieve it.  We have a ray of hope.  And when my body has recovered, we will try again.

We will be able to finish more of the painting in the house.   We have been renovating for the last few months.  And hadn't finished painting yet.  D was going to have to do it on his own, once the new kitchen had gone in.  But now we can finish it together over the next few weeks.

We are very grateful that we hadn't gone away for the long weekend.  We had intended going to our property in the middle of nowhere but decided not to.  So grateful that we didn't.  It would have been a disaster being there considering what happened.

The staff at the hospital were wonderful.  When we arrived at emergency, we were put to the top of the list and given a short-term stay room.  And the care and treatment we received was fantastic.  Thank you to the hospital staff.

I go back to the hospital tomorrow for a scan and some more tests to try and determine what went wrong and to ensure that there isn't an ectopic pregnancy.  But going on my pregnancy hormones from the blood test it looks unlikely.  It seems that, for whatever reason, the pregnancy just wasn't destined to be. 

Today we have had to make a phone calls to our parents and the two close friends we told we were pregnant.  But for the most part, we are resting, taking it easy and healing.


  1. So sorry. Hugs and love to you both.

  2. I'm so sorry Annie. I was so looking forward to reading every post here when you announced the pregnancy and then life side tracked me in the hospital. Imagine my sorrow when I started getting back to reading again this morning to find this news. You and D will heal and move on and try again. I am putting you in my prayers. Rest, relax and be good to yourself.

    much to to you