Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beginning the journey back.

The only physical symptom that I’m having today is complete and utter exhaustion.  I just can’t seem to get back my energy levels.  But apart from that and slightly sore boobs, I’m grateful to be feeling so much better.

I woke up in a good emotional state and that has remained during the day.  I’m struggling with the exhaustion and the emotion of having to keep on keeping on.  But I’m so grateful to be getting better.

I’ve been able to relax this afternoon.  I worked in the morning and will again this evening.  But the afternoon has been all mine and I have chilled in front of a movie with a glass of wine.  Wonderful.

Somehow I will get through my big day tomorrow and then I have a small day on Thursday and the day off on Friday.  In between I do have to write reports.  I keep forgetting about them!!  Shite!  Have to hand them in Friday.  But I can probably do them that morning.  I’m prepared, I just need to get the words down.  It will be fine.

So, what now?  Well, I know it’s time to move on from the miscarriage and begin looking forward again.  Easier said than done.  I’m sure there is still more that I need to work through on an emotional level.  But that is where I feel I need to start directing my attention.  Forward.  To getting my life back on track.  To digging out of the hole and seeing the surface again. 


It seems a bit impossible right now, but I will get there!!

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful support.  I have been blessed with your love and care.  It’s made a huge difference.  Thank you.


  1. It truly takes time to feel back to 'normal' but just don't forget to keep taking those iron pills, your body has been through something traumatic and needs time to recover. You are so strong, when I had my first miscarriage I was so angry and just went around blaming myself,my ex husband and God (all in that order) it helped though just reading stories and talking to others who had been through it. You are so amazing, you deserve a medal just for the strength you possess.

  2. I echo Bonnie's words about your strength. And the need for vitamins...

    Grief is a process, I know there will be ups and downs. I pray that the time passes and you can ttc again.

    I don't know...that' all I wanted before.


  3. Time and healing are so important. I'm learning that lesson now too. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better and ready to move forward!

  4. I have been where you are and know how hard it is to "bounce" back... allow yourself to mourn and know you are not alone...
    I am a new follower from The Adventures of My Family of 8 and I am always here if you need to talk... Adventuresof8(at)yahoo(dot)com