52 Projects

I am loving being a part of 52 Projects created by Jane over at Painted House.
I blog all the projects at my Creating Peaceful Thoughts blog.

This page has the complete list of all my weekly projects.  What the project was, one photo from the post about the project, and the link to it so you can see all the rest of the photos and read all about the adventure or creativity or whatever it may have been for that week.  Enjoy!!

Week 1 - January Scrapbook Page - Healthy Eating

Week 2 - Decorating a Tissue Box

Week 3 - Decorating a Pencil Holder

Week 4 - Baby Scrapbook Page

Week 5 - A Return to Kayaking

Week 6 - Love Blocks

Week 7 - The Study - clutter clearing, organising, tidying.

This is the after photo.  Want to see the before photo?  Click above!

Week 8 and 9 - February Scrapbook Page - our engagement!

This is Page One.  Click on the link above to see Page 2!

Week 10 - Bird House Part 1 - the making of it

This is the final photo.  The original post includes the progressive 'making of' photos!

Week 11 - Bird House Part 2 - the painted version and -placing it on our property

My favourite photo of all those that I put up with different angles, including "spot the bird house" photo, which no claimed to have been able to see where it was!  Can you??  It's the last photo.

Week 12 - Learning to overcome my Fear of Flying

No photos with this one.  Here is a link to the course that I did http://www.fearofflyinghelp.com/.
I also blogged about the process in my other blog about trying to get pregnant.
Here(Flying), here (Feeling Better), here (Fear of Flying Course), and here (Back on Land).

Week 13 - This Page!!
This project was more than just this one page.  I also set up the other new pages in both Creating Peaceful Thoughts and New Mum Over 40.  It's now an ongoing project to keep them updated.

Week 18 - Our commitment to weekly bushwalking

This week, we made a commitment to weekly bushwalking, whether a quick one at the local conservation park or a longer one traveling to another favourite or new spot!  An ongoing project and one I am so so so so so happy to be doing.  I come alive in the bush, I start to breath, I unwind, my soul is in its element.  It is where I belong!

And of course, along with the bushwalking comes our passion for photography!

Week 19 - Night Time Exposure Photography

A lovely special night away and taking photos from our hotel balcony overlooking the sea.  Exposure photography is new for me and I am enjoying learning about it.

Week 20 - Learning Access Database

This was, and still is, a huge project.  Learning how to use Access and designing my own database.
I just love databases and have two now - one for work as well.
It is great to be building a collection of my favourite recipes together in one place.


Week 21 - My new blog - Bushwalking Adventures! 

This was a big project starting a new blog about my bushwalking adventures.  A fun project using an activity I absolutely love in conjunction with my love of blogging!  It is wonderful to now be documenting all of our walks with photos, maps, descriptions, links and the story of the walk.

Here is the link.  Bushwalking Adventures.

Week 25 and 22 - Outdoor setting and Ribbons

A tired, old outdoor setting refreshed and revitalized!

Problem - A terrible clutter of ribbons all mixed up together in a large box.  
Solution - Ribbon boards painted to the matching colours of the ribbons.  
Click above to the see the before picture.  aaahhhhh!!

Week 26 and 23 - Wardrobe and Building and staining a crate

No photos for the wardrobe - used a DIY kit to create shelving etc, added matching boxes, shoe rack, and did a lot of organsing and clutter clearing.

Building a crate from scratch and staining it to keep things tidy under a coffee table.  Click above for a full description and photos with the coffee table.