Monday, September 28, 2009

Cycle 5 begins

I always speak about my cycles as cycles not in terms of months. I have always been so irregular, that months is most definitely not applicable! So, now that cycle 4 has ended, I say, "bring on cycle 5!" :)

Today is the start of my 5th cycle since we began trying to bring our little bubby into the world. My goal this cycle is simply to ovulate! That would be great!! :):)

This weeks acupuncture session was all about my ovaries, stimulating them to start working properly. As well as a needle point to keep me happy and help my thought processes!

I've started a modified herbal mix and with no migraines yet, it is looking good. I see Queen Naturo on Wednesday for my regular massage maintainence, and I suspect she will probably add one extra herb to the mix and see how that goes.

The general headache I have been experiencing since my migraine adventure is still there. It is not at any level that I need to take anything for it, but it does persist and I need to talk to QN about it.

Naturally D is concerned. We know that the migraine and headaches are no doubt related to my hormones being stimulated in different ways. But he is right in saying that it is not normal that this headache is persisting. I think though, that what we are doing with my hormones is not something that will settle for quite some time, there are still changes to be made. And inevitably those changes will have some side affects. A mild pain in my head I can deal with! Nevertheless, QN needs to know and may have some better answers.

And on a fun note...

After no alcohol for over two months, D and I are opening a special bottle tonight now that I have my period. A celebration of our journey and goals and a reward for our efforts.

I am going to really enjoy this brief breaking of my no alcohol adventure before getting back on it again.
I'm going to savour every sip.
I'm going to enjoy the sound of the bottle opening,
the smell of the wine while it is still in the bottle,
the sound of it being poured into the glass,
the colour of the wine, the swishing of it in the glass,
the first sniff,
the sound of the clinking of glasses,
the taste of that first sip...

Dental care - during and before pregnancy

After two years, I have finally been back to the dentist!

It wasn't intentional to wait that long, it just happened. A cancelled appointment due to sickness and then time ran away from me! We all know how that goes!

What got me there eventually was what I learnt about teeth problems during pregnancy.

Any pre-existing problems before you get pregnant can be enhanced during pregnancy. Gum disease is the main problem. And if its there already, it can get worse. And I have known for a little while, that I have had some mild gum disease because of occasional bleeding when I brushed.

The dentist explained things further. Increased blood flow due to pregnancy, can cause gums to swell and make them more susceptible to infection. And if you do experience severe gum problems during pregnancy, there is an increased risk of premature delivery. That certainly provides me with strong motivation to have healthy teeth and gums!!

She advised me to come back either in 6 months for a regular follow up or in the second trimester - whichever comes first. The reason for coming in the second trimester is mainly due to comfort. Any morning sickness will have passed and you will still be able to comfortably lay in the chair - unlike in the third trimester! However, I think it is also a sensible time to check up on those gums and make sure they are staying healthy before there is any chance of problems with bubby!

So, I have gone from detesting flossing to doing so every night. And three weeks after my dentists appointment, it has now become a habit!
I have gone from dreading the dentist to looking forward to my next check up to make sure everything is good.
I am still bleeding just a little from the gums - but only when I floss, not when I brush.
So, I am keen to see if the six months of regular flossing I will have achieved by then, has made a difference to my dental health.


Morning sickness and your teeth
To avoid damage to your teeth after vomiting or gastric reflux, avoid brushing your teeth for about an hour after vomiting.
To freshen your mouth, simply smear some fluoride toothpaste over your teeth and then rinse off with water. Not only will it help wash away the potentially damaging acid but it will also re-mineralise your teeth.
Gagging can occur while brushing your teeth. If brushing makes you feel sick try using a very small headed brush, such as a brush designed for children, and concentrate on your breathing as you clean your back teeth.
Brushing without toothpaste may help. Rinse with a fluoride toothpaste and water twice a day but return to brushing with fluoride toothpaste as soon as possible.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A quick catch up.

Gosh, I am so far behind in documenting this journey. Life has simply run away from me and the opportunity to sit down and blog hasn't presented itself! In fact, I should be working now!!

So, I thought I would do a quick catch up on whats been going on. (I apologise in advance for not being able to document where I got these photos from. I think it was from a local photographer who put her pictures up on Facebook. I will look into it and make the necessary acknowledgments)

According to the Maybe Baby, I still haven't ovulated this month. Two months in a row now. That is a concern, but it is early days still. Acupunturist L is sticking needles into all the right spots and also told me how the ovaries take turns in releasing the eggs, but not always alternate turns. One ovary could release for a few months in a row. So, it could be possible that one ovary isn't working as well as the other. And two months isn't enough to really tell.

The good thing is that I haven't felt like I have ovulated either and I always seem to know. So, it is a temporary glitch. The month before we started tracking, I know for sure that I did, so there is hope!! In the meantime, I keep going to get stuck with needles every week!

After getting the results of the saliva testing a couple of weeks ago, Queen Naturo gave me a new herb mix to boost my baby making ability. (I will go into this in more detail in another post). However, I had a reaction to the new herbs and experienced my first ever migraine. What fun - not! So, now we need to play around with the mix and found out what is causing the problem.

We are both eager for me to take the necessary herbs, but it might take some time to sort it all out.

I am doing everything right, except for the one area in my life that I have always struggled with. Eating well. It really is a struggle for me. I was hoping that the desire to have children would really help, but the old annoying voice in my head still manages to win the battle and overcome my healthy eating desires.

I am trying to not to get stressed about it. That will only make things worse, of course. I know how important it is to cut out the sugars and high GI food. All I can do is keep trying.

In the meantime, I still exercise regularly, take the right supplements, no alcohol, no deli meats, no soft cheese etc etc, all in preparation.

I get the results of the blood tests from the doctor on Friday. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time.

Well, thats it for today. I really should get back to work!!
I'm looking forward to catching up on everyone elses blogs soon!

Love and light

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Acupuncture and conception

I had my first acunpuncture appointment last week. Not my first ever, my first one to help us conceive. L is an amazing acupuncturist etc and always helps heal whatever symptoms we have.

He has worked with many women over 40 to help them become pregnant and has had success in all cases. He and S (Naturo Queen!) have a 100% success rate. He has had women come to him after up to 7 unsuccessful IVF sessions and within a few cycles, conception has been achieved after receiving acupuncture. Awesome!

He has suggested that D come and see him as well as he can help with both sides of the fertility angle and ensure that everything is working optimally.

I will be seeing him once a week for this cycle and then we will see where things are. With any luck that's all that we will need! :)

He needled me for a few things. One was to completely clean out my womb, so a whole new fresh lining can begin to form. As a result, my current period is now 7 days long! It's been very light these last couple of days though and I'm grateful knowing that the old is being completely released and cleansed ready for the new! It's amazing to see the affects of just one treatment.

He also did a point to help the egg travelling properly down the fallopian tube, a point to keep me happy and stress free, a point to help me eat well and I think another to assist a generally healthy reproductive cycle.

It's encouraging to be feeling the affects of it already and I am looking forward to my next treatment in 2 days time.