Thursday, June 9, 2011

First baby appointment

We had our first baby appointment today – with my GP.  She gave us the run down of our options, share care between her and the OB, full care with the OB at the private hospital, or the public system.  We are choosing (with her recommendation) to go full care with the OB, purely because of my age and weight.  I will be considered to be a high risk pregnancy and we want to ensure the best care every step of the way.  It will cost us more, but we don’t care!!!  She also said that if I am classified as high risk, which is probable, I wouldn’t be allowed to do share care with her anyway. 

So, we will see her next week for the ultra sound results and then it will be off to the private hospital to meet our new OB.  We can still see her (the GP) in between appointments if we have any niggling concerns about how I am feeling.  It is wonderful to know that she will be there for us if needed. 

So, on Tuesday we will have our first ultra sound, to determine the age of the baby, hear the heartbeat and anything other things that needed to be observed.  She wasn’t able to give us a due date because my cycles are longer and irregular.  So, she said wait until I am well and truly definitely 6 weeks and then the ultra sound will tell us the age of our baby!!  We are SO excited.  I can’t wait – especially for the heartbeat!!

There were cautions as well of course.  The need for testing for chromosone defects, the options we have with that and the risks involved.  That was all quite scary.  But overall, I came out of that appointment feeling great.

She confirmed that the abdomen pains I have been feeling are completely normal.  Yeh!  And answered a lot of other questions that we had.

What a different experience than seeing the OB a few weeks ago about starting IVF. I labelled him the Doom and Gloom man, because he threw at us so many negative statistics about getting pregnant at my age.  We walked out of there so disheartened and concerned.

Needless to say, he won’t be our OB!!

In contrast, my doctor quoted one of the same statistics but put it in a completely positive light.  She said that there might be 1 in 70 of having a down syndrome child.  But that meant there was 69 in 70 chance that we won’t!!  A much better way of looking at it!!

So, the ball is rolling and we are moving along.  **Sigh**  It is so exciting!!


  1. Annie, I want you to be encouraged by remembering that medical studies citing the risk factors for pregnant women over 35 and 40 are based on the results of midlife pregnant women as a group. The studies are not based on YOUR individual history. Feeding your mind with healthy positive thoughts are just as important as feeding your body with healthy foods, especially during this wonderful time!

  2. Oh Annie, what a peace and a joy I feel at this moment; thinking of you, D, and your little one - of your journey, your ups and downs, your determination. What a blessing it has turned out to be!

    I feel a little part of it because I've wanted this for you so much for so long. I hope you don't mind.

    May God bless you and your baby with great health, full term gestation, and a peaceful and memorable experience, as she or he leaves your body for the warm arms and hands of you and D.

    I read your previous entries and will continue to follow along.


  3. Oh Anita, that was just beautiful. Thank you so much and of course I don't mind! It has been wonderful to have such a supportive and caring community of souls along the journey.
    Much love to you

    Hi Cynthia. Thank you for your supportive words of wisdom. I am still handing the journey over to God and that is bringing with it peace and positivity. D is doing the same thing, so all will be well. It's a wonderful time!