Friday, January 29, 2010





As you know, we are not telling our friends and family IRL about our efforts to have a baby.  Ever since we began tracking my cycle 6 months ago, I have remembered every fortnight to put away the Maybe Baby and any other signs of our efforts to conceive before our cleaner and now friend, comes around.  That is… until today!

After she had been here for a little while, I finally remembered!  I wasn’t worried because I didn’t think she had been to our bedroom yet.  But I was wrong!  She had already gone around with the duster.

As she was finishing up for the morning, she said to me “I wasn’t snooping around amongst your things, but I thought I should let you know that as I was dusting, I came across the Maybe Baby by your bed.  Ooo, I thought.  I know was THAT is for!!” 

After my initial “oh no”, I was so grateful that she felt it was important to tell me and not hide the fact that she saw it.  I know I can completely trust her not to tell anyone – including my mother who she attends church with every Sunday!

Now, I don’t have to hide everything every fortnight! 


Instead we had a little chat about it and she was able to pass on her insight, wisdom and support.  She is a wonderful woman, who has gained much experience and understanding about life.  And she is excited for us!  And said that she would pray for us.  She also promised not to ask me every fortnight how it is all going or ask the question that is one of the reasons we aren’t telling people “are you pregnant yet?”!

The BEST thing about our conversation was when she said “And of course, you are the PERFECT age now to have a baby!”

”What”, I said, “You are the first person to ever say THAT


She said, "Well of course you are.  You’ve had so many life experiences, you are more than ready to settle down and really give your all to raising a child.  You understand what is involved.  You have waited for the right person to have a child with.  You are committed to each other as you will be to your child.   You will have so much to give to your children. It’s the perfect time!”

Gee, I like that woman!!  Thhhrrrrr, to the people who say you shouldn’t have children over 40.  Come and talk to our wise and loving cleaner!!!  :) :) 

smiling mum and bub



  1. Well, I absolutely agree with your cleaner. My Mom and Dad were 38 and 40 when I came along. Perfect timing as far as I'm concerned.

  2. My mum was 38 too. Fine by me! But for some reason people think that as soon as you hit the 40's its the end of the road for pregnancy.
    No way!!!!!!!!

  3. Good morning Annie! I'm glad you were able to share with this person. Not everyone needs to know but for the few who do, you will gets lots of love and support. I have awarded you an award over at my blog this morning. Go over and get it :)) Happy Friday, dear friend!

  4. That is so wonderful. I am so happy that you got the support when you shared it with her. One of the Mom's in my play group says the same thing about it being the perfect age for exactly the same reasons.

  5. Nicci - that is so great to hear that other people are saying the same thing!

  6. I had my last child at 42. I have to say, I am so much more relaxed and confident as a mom in my forties then I ever was with my older kids.

    Your cleaner and friend is right. Glad she could give you some good advice.

  7. Thanks ZenMom for dropping by. I related so well to your last post about how nice it is to receive comments!

    Thats really interesting and encouraging about how you were more relaxed and confident in your 40's. Was it all because you were older, more confident and settled within yourself etc. or was some of it because of the experience you had already had with your older children??