Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday update

Today I am feeling a bit tired of the whole ovulation tracking thing!  I am thinking of giving it a rest for a while and just going with the flow.  With all the different methods we have done, we still don’t really know when I ovulate.  We have a pretty good idea but nothing concrete.  So, as long as we stay aware of a rough area of time within my cycle, that is good enough for now!

Of course, next cycle I may feel refreshed and want to start trying to track it again but for right now, I need a break!

I’m still taking all my tabs and going for the tests.  Still going to the acupuncturist and doing mostly (!) all the right things.

Last night was the biggest challenge of all in regards to no alcohol.  We went out to a friends for a bbq.  All good.  I brought my de-alcoholised wine and drank that along with water.  No problems!

But then…

… out came the 22 year old Port that we had given this friend a year ago.  Oh no!  It smelt divine.  I could imagine it’s delicious flavour swirling around in my mouth.  I smelt it from D’s glass and want to curl up in ecstasy!! 

It was the ONLY time not drinking alcohol has been really really really mean!!!!!  :) :)

So, we made a deal that should I get another period, I will treat myself to some of this beautiful port!  mmmmmmmm…

I’m enjoying the lots of vegies aspect to the fertility diet from You Can Pregnant  Over 40, Naturally.  My favourite snack is now celery with almond spread.  The idea comes from my naturopath and works perfectly with Sandy’s advice on nutrition.



  1. Do what you feel up to doing, when you feel like it. There is balance to everything and situation.
    I just had a thought - has D been checked by a fertility doctor? You don't have to answer, but it does take two. :)

  2. Hi Anita. Yes, he has been checked. All is good there!

  3. Hi! I made it! I really really hope this all works out for you. You are so organized! I know what you mean about Port. I would have a tough time with that one myself. Where is Australis? I have such dear dear friends there. 5 women I traveled with and lived with in Europe for 3 years. It's bee 42 years now, and we are still very close. If you don't want to put this info on this blog, send me a private message on GIST. Take care. Love your blog format!

  4. So glad you made it! Welcome Donna!

  5. Hubby and I are ttc, or not depending on the minute. I have the kits, the charts, hope, everything but a baby.

    I don't think I can do the celery thing, cheers.

    I also see that Kikipotamus is on your list, we have someone in common, she's a great friend.

    Here's to 2010.

  6. Hi ISW. It's lovely to meet someone who is also ttc. Good luck with your journey. May we both get there in the end! I look forward to be able to share the journey with you and then celebrate the success! I truly believe in always believing it WILL happen in it's own time when it's meant to.

    Yea, Kelly is great. I enjoy her blog very much.