Thursday, January 28, 2010

When Life Hands You Lemons!



In catching up with my fav blogs, I headed over to Ambers PPD site and discovered that she awarded me the “When Life Hands You Lemons” blog award.  That was so sweet of her and I am touched that she thought of me for this award.  Thank you Amber!  Her blog is a wealth of information and experience about postpartum depression and I highly recommend heading over there to ‘meet’ her!

The rules for this award are simple:
I am to thank the giver of the award and link to their blog (see above).   I am supposed to share 5 things about myself.  And I am supposed to link to 5 new blogging recipients of my choosing and notify them.

I think I can do that!  :)

Adult and Baby Hands

First - 5 new recipients.

All of these women are so positive in their outlook on life they are really deserving of the “life hands you lemons” award.

Sweet Jane – a blogger friend of old.  I do so enjoy her friendship and feel a real soul connection to her.  I am always amazed at how we are so different, yet so much alike and how our stories have often matched up.

Anita – she is so wonderfully supportive of this journey that I am on and I thank her deeply.  Her site is a lot of fun with really interesting stories.  She encourages all her readers to share their own stories on the same subject creating a wonderful conversation of experiences, thoughts and ideas.  Go see her!

Deb Menopausal New Mom – another blogger friend whose support I have been most thankful for.  Great blog she has!  She is on vacation at the moment and I do miss her posts!  I hope she is having a fabulously fun and relaxing time!

Nicci – Nicci has two blogs that I love to visit.  Here and here.  She is also an old blogger friend who I am grateful to have kept in touch with.  At the moment, she is healing from knee surgery and I wish her strength and rapid healing!

Nancy from f8hasit – Nancy is a new blogger friend whose site is always entertaining as her 700 odd followers will attest to!  She has wonderful stories and her optimistic and easygoing approach to life is just my cup of tea!

first steps


Five things about me…

1.  I used to have a different blogger name many moons ago – Journey Through Life.  I loved that blogging name and the blogs that I had back then.  They helped me through a big phase of my life and I have come out better for it.  I am very grateful for the friends I made in that time and even more grateful that some of them are still with them since my return under this user name.

2.  I am doing everything right and more in order to enhance fertility except for the one area I have struggled with my whole life – food and weight.  I am doing the best that I can and am always trying to get better, but I worry sometimes about its affects.  Mostly though I stay positive, remember the supportive educational words of my naturopath and doctor who assure me everything is fine, and look at how much better I am doing now than I was a few months ago. 

3.  I was single for most of my life – which was a blessing and a struggle all at the same time!  It was such a time of growth and self-development and I am grateful for it.  Now I am very grateful that I said ‘no’ to those that weren’t right for me, because D is just SO right for me (and vice versa!) and I am so thankful.

4.  I long to have a stronger connection to both my physical and spiritual selves.  To merge together more completely and really experience life as a spiritual being in a physical world.  Sometimes I think I disconnect from both – especially my physical self – and not take full responsibility or be fully connected to who I am.

5.    I have arthritis in my knees would you believe??!!  Since my 20’s!  Ah the joys of playing netball from the age of 5.  When my acupuncturist examined my knees, before I even mentioned anything, he said “ah, netball knees”!  Shhheeesshhh!!  LOL  :) :)
The arthritis was only recently diagnosed.  After I damaged my knee moving furniture (!), my doctor sent me for x-rays looking for bone damage.  No bone damage, but there was arthritis!   So now I know what the pain is that I have put up with for 15 years!  It is so much better have a name for it!  I am grateful for that.




  1. Hello NewMum! What a nice surprise to get an award from you! And you expressed so well what I want my blog to be. I love hearing from everyone and always hope that my followers and readers will read the comments. I believe we can all learn from each other and enjoy both our similarities and differences.
    Thanks for sharing parts of your life in the post and the very personal feelings all throughout.
    xoxo :)

  2. When I saw your title I wasn't sure what to expect. A friend used the same title a few days ago in a totallu different circumstance.

    Anyways, congrats on your award.

  3. Oh Anita, its my pleasure to pass on the award. I meant it when I said that your support of my journey means a lot to me!

    Hey Salma! Thanks! It's great to have met you. :)

  4. Yes, congrats on your award. I enjoyed the 5 things you shared about yourself.

  5. Thanks Donna. So nice to have you visiting now and to be visiting you!

  6. First, congratulations on YOUR receiving this award! It's much deserved AND I enjoyed reading the 5 things! That's what's neat about these meme get to learn just a tad more about your blogbud than you knew before.

    Second, thank YOU for passing this award onto ME! How fun! I'll get at it as soon as I can. I promise!

    And lastly, thank you as well for your kind words. What a wonderful surprise for me first thing this morning! It's going to be a grand day.


  7. Nancy - so glad that you had a great start to the day! There's nothing like it! I look forward to learning a little bit more about you!

  8. Thanks you so much. I really appreciate this, and am grateful for the reminder to figure out how to put some more time into my blogs. I miss it.

  9. Your welcome, Nicci. I've been missing your blogs too!

  10. Good morning, Annie! How on earth did I miss this award and this post??! Thank you so much!! I swear, the past few weeks have left me feeling like I'm in a time warp. Oh the things we learn...after all this time, I had no idea about #5! I hope you and D have a fantastic weekend :)

  11. Thanks Jane, we are having a great weekend! I hope you and Breen are to. And I am glad to have given you this award. You so deserve it!

    I only found out about the arthritis a few months ago, so it is new to me too. Not the pain!! Just the diagnosis! I am very glad to know what it is.

  12. Thank you so much for thinking of me when passing on this award. The nod from fellow bloggers is just the best and I'm always so thrilled when someone even mentions me. Thank you so much and of course, I want to say Congratulations to you for receiving it!