Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ovulation Testing





This week I have added measuring my basal body temperature to the morning routine.

We have been using Maybe Baby for the last few months to help us determine ovulation time.  It seemed like the best way to do it – through saliva testing.  Maybe Baby tells you exactly when you are ovulating through examining saliva in a mini microscope.  Whereas with basal testing, the indications of ovulation, through the changes in ones basal body temperature, occur AFTER ovulation.

So we went with Maybe Baby as a more reliable method.  However, it just doesn’t seem to be working for me.  According to the GYN, I am ovulating now.  But Maybe Baby is not telling us that.  We get vague signs of it from time to time but nothing concrete.

So, I went and bought a basal thermometer.  So far, so good.  It’s only been a week and it will take 3 months to really track my temperature changes.  But using it in conjunction with Maybe Baby is proving to be a positive thing.

The only other option is urine testing.  But the tests are SO expensive and you get maybe 7 tests in a kit.  So you have to already be very sure on when ovulation may be occurring and then hope that you got it right.  It may be a more accurate method in the actual testing for ovulation, but definitely not for the timing of when to take the tests – not to mention the extreme cost!

Of course, blood tests are the best way to see if you have ovulated.  Not helpful for the timing of creating life, but reassuring to know afterwards that you have ovulated!  My blood tests take place on Day 23 of each cycle, which will be next week.  With the hoohaa of Christmas and New Year I missed doing it all last cycle, so I will have to postpone my fertility clinic appointment for a month.  Unless of course, we get pregnant this cycle.  Then I won’t have to go have the next ultrasound of injecting dye into my womb to look at my fallopion tubes.  Wouldn’t that be good!!!!  :):)


I feel more positive about ovulating this month.  Signs that I recognise as ovulation in my body have been occurring.  I haven’t had these for several months now, so positivity and hopefulness is increasing.

Is that a good thing?  I don’t know.  I was so upset last month.  But I just can’t help being positive and hopeful.  It’s in my nature.  It’s like not jumping into love, cause you are afraid you will get hurt.  You just do it!!  And this is the same.  I can’t stop being excited about the possibility of becoming pregnant just because it might not happen!  In with both feet!!!