Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Postpartum Depression

I was doing a lot of browsing yesterday on over 40 pregnancy and over 40 mums.  I must say, if I wasn’t a glass half full person, I would be mightily depressed and unhappy right now!  Postpartum Depression, exhaustion from lack of sleep, not being able to bond with baby, not knowing what to do etc etc. 

Fortunately I also found quite a bit of good stuff!!  In particular from a series of books by Elizabeth Pantley.  I highly recommend going to look at this site and downloading some excerpts.  She has some great, stress-free, calming ideas!

bubbie in slng

It was the postpartum depression material that has kept me thinking over the last 24 hours.  Depression is in my family genes and I’ve had more than my share!  And it seems that PPD is more prevalent in over 40 mums. 

I read excerpts from Brooke Shields book Down Came The Rain.
I read about the changes in biochemicals that occurs both during and after pregnancy.
And I read about how over 40 women have become so established in their lifestyles and careers that the life altering changes and loss of independence that come with a baby, have the potential to bring on PPD.

Flower Power Moms blog post about postpartum depression was most interesting.

          “McCabe goes on to point out that the likelihood of increased anxiety for older mothers during pregnancy is exacerbated by the medical establishment—a process that augurs an uncomfortable ride after birth and a lack of postnatal bliss.

“This group is also put through a lot more medical intervention—many more tests may be performed and there are often suggestions of abnormality in the baby or danger for the mother.””

Fortunately, even though a part of is concerned that I will be susceptible to it, I find myself optimistically not in the least bit worried! 

Firstly, if it does occur, I have wonderful support in both Queen Naturo and King Acupunct who will quickly help to rebalance my biochemcials.  I spoke to King Acupunct today at my appointment and he went “no worries!”

He said that the two biggest causes of postpartum depression were the dramatic changes in biochemcials and also the approach of the new mother to the change in lifestyle.  He said “you are a ‘glass half full’ woman and much less susceptible to it even taking into consideration the depression gene.”  I choose to completely agree with him!  :)


In regards to the change in lifestyle, I am welcoming it.  I have done all that I want to do with my career.  I have travelled, I have soul searched, I have loved and lost and now wonderfully, have loved and won!!  I want this change of lifestyle.  I want to be at home being a full-time mum and taking care of things around here.  I’ve been ready for this change for the last few years!

Also, I don’t have any expectations on what it is going to be like to be a mother.  I don’t have any expectations on what our baby is going to be like.  I don’t have any expectations on what the first few months are going to be like.  This can be one of the traps and causes of PPD.  When things just aren’t the way you wanted or expected them to be.

What I do completely acknowledge though, is the loss of independence.  That one could really affect me!  As well as the complete exhaustion, that will no doubt occur, coming along and taking away my rational thinking that is writing this post right now!  :)

But with the support of natural medicine,
with complete awareness of what could happen,
with the acceptance and welcoming of the lifestyle changes that will occur,
with no expectations,
with my half-full glass,
with willingness to accept help, 
and with the ability to be able to live in the moment and take things as they come,
I am thinking positive and believe that I will be okay even if the symptoms do come and take over for a while.

Live Peacefully In The Moment


  1. I pray you are right and PPD will not be a reality in your world. It sounds like your awareness and the above list in mind, you are certainly a step ahead of most moms at this point. If you do find PPD strikes, please know you are not alone...we Survivor Mamas are here to help!

  2. Thanks Amber for your words. They are encouraging! I enjoyed visiting your blog!

  3. I didn't have it, and I hope you won't either. Whatever issues you may experience, I trust that you will seek help and support, just as our are currently doing. :)

  4. Thats great that you didn't have it, Anita! I am so grateful that there is so much more awareness, acceptance and understanding of all these issues now.

  5. I had the past history of depression myself, and I did have ppd after my second pregnancy. It came on later than expected so it took me a little bit to recognize it, but once I did I went for help immediately, and was amazed at how quickly the help could restore me to me. I hope it doesn't happen to you, but I feel confident that if it does, you have the support you need and you will seek it out. Much love to you.

  6. What sort of help did you seek out for you PPD, Nicci? Thats good that you were quickly restored to your normal self!

  7. I went to see a psychatrist and a therapist. They gave me two medications. The first was to help with sleep, and that one helped in a couple of days. The second was an antidepressant, and I still vividly remember the moment when I was driving in my car and finally felt like myself again. I was amazed at how real it was that my body had gotten out of whack, and how easily they were able to get me back to me.