Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Connecting over 40 mums and mums to be

Today is a good day for feeling stress-free and accepting of life’s plan! 

I like it when a good wave comes along and you just feel fine.  Sure, I have a silly cold and am feeling physically a bit blah, but who cares!  Today, I feel content in the moment.

I came across a great site today.  Flower Power Mom!!

Flower Power Mom is an online blog and resource offering support, tips, articles, information and an e-newsletter  for women having children after 40.

I joined her site and not much time later, I received a lovely email from Angel thanking me for visiting and offering support, advice and lots of information on this subject of over 40 mums and mums to be.  She also asked if she could list my blog in her soon to be up and running list of links as well as her newsletter this month.  How exciting!


I’m excited by the thought of being able to connect with, and support, other woman who are making this journey of becoming pregnant over 40.  I hope it is something that will become much more promoted and accepted in our society. 


I haven’t come across anyone as yet, who has expressed judgement about over 40 pregnancy.  Thank goodness!  However, I am also not personally ‘out’ on the subject, nor pregnant yet!  Surprisingly then, the subject often comes up, and thankfully with no criticism.  Instead, I am often asked if D and I are wanting to have children.  To which I politely say, ‘well you never know’!!

The only experience I had recently was not at all directed to me but instead was a conversation by a group of in their 20’s mothers who I was with for a friends birthday.  Their conversation was filled about their children, comparing notes about their development and experiences.  At one point, they were talking about a sister who got pregnant some time after her previous children – at 37!!!!  Oh my goodness, she was 37 they stated in shock and horror!  Inwardly, I just laughed!

On the reverse side of that day, was a woman who was 44, met her partner late in life and was quite happy openly talking about how they had just started trying to have a child.  Talk about opposites!  It was lovely to meet her and ask her about her journey even if I wasn’t able to talk about my own! 

So, thanks Angel (Flower Power Mom) for your site and all the work and research that you have done for mums and mums to be over 40.  I am looking forward to being part of your community!


  1. Our bodies are created to have children into our forties, some at 50. I see it as perfectly normal. So let the 20 somethings laugh. They may find themselves with a surprise pregnancy at the young age of 37. :)

  2. then they won't think that's too old, will they??!! :) :)