Monday, January 11, 2010


Something different has been occurring the last couple of days.  Normally when I get sad, I tend to lean towards certain types of food.  But the couple of days, that hasn’t happened.  The opposite has been occurring instead.  I have found myself leaning toward healthy food, vegetables mostly.  I am finding a simplicity and peacefulness.

I wonder how much of it is related to my new book You Can Get Pregnant Over 40, Naturally by Sandy Robertson.  I like her chapters on fertility food.  I have loved her meditation CD.  I truly believe these are helping shift my focus.

And this morning, I have read some encouraging articles about conception and weight.  Both articles have said that losing just 5% of ones body weight, highly increases ones fertility.  That just seems so do-able.  5%.  Sigh of relief.  It’s not saying what BMI you need to be, it’s not saying you need to lose 20 kilos, it’s just saying 5%.  That feels like no pressure, no expectations, no great demands, no insistence, no stress.
  • So, I find myself not being stressed by this issue anymore.
  • I find myself eager to continue listening to the meditation CD and act upon the advice in Sandy’s book.
  • I find myself feeling calm and peaceful within this sadness that is slowly passing through my system.
  • I am finding myself turning towards healthier options and being satisfied very quickly.
  • I am finding myself at peace with feeling healthier in my body.  The thought of weight loss has often brought about scary feelings within me.  But not today.  Today there is just a sigh of release and a welcoming of the new feelings and sensations.
sleep in arms

Kiara, my kitty, is sprawled out on the desk as close to my computer (and me!) as she can be.  Cats are just so cute.  She looks up at me lovingly, so relaxed and contented.  She just oozes peace and contentment and stillness.  She is such a delight!

She stretches out with her paw and rests it on my arm.  Her purrs are loud and soothing.  Her eyes are half shut, relaxed and sleepy.  She nuzzles in and drifts off into cat dreamland.

She is simply adding to this wonderful feeling that is slowly being generated within me.  God bless her!


  1. I felt your peace as I was reading. I hope any tenseness in your body will come out, that you'll wake up each day relaxed that floating on air.

    I like your new blog "look!"

  2. Hi Anita! How nice that you could feel the peacefulness of this blog! Mostly I am feeling lovely and relaxed. I like the floating on air bit. Will definitely go with that thought!

  3. oops, peacefulness of this post, I meant!

    I like the new look blog too. Always good to have a change.

  4. Well into my 40's but with a substantially younger partner for the last 6 years, I find myself wondering about having a second child. The risks; the rewards...

    Thanks for the lead on that book. I'm going to head to the library today!

    Loved the post...

  5. Hi f8! My partner is younger than me as well - 6 years. I say, if you want to have another child - go for it!! There are so many woman in their 40's having children. Check out my links of blogs and websites with over 40 new mums, renewed mums, and mums to be!