Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The last week of my cycle.

I like this time in the cycle.  You’ve done the planning.  You’ve done the work (if you want to call it work!  :) :) ).  You’ve done the progesterone test.

Now you just get to sit back and wait!

The waiting has a strong sense of anticipation and excitement, eagerness and hopefulness.  Yet it also comes with a sense of peace.  Either this will be the right timing or there is more time needed before we conceive.  I can see the positives in both sides!

Either way, I like this time!

baby and wedding rignb

In peace and hopefulness,



  1. When you are able to feel peace and hopefulness, going through all of this, you are definitely on the right path, m'dear!

  2. It certainly feels better! Thanks Donna!

  3. I honestly refer to this as my life in cycles. Two weeks on, two weeks off.

  4. Hi Salma! This is the first time I have felt this way actually.
    I guess it's partly falling into a routine.
    It's also feeling the plan of my life. And what is meant to be will be.
    Mostly though it is that for the first time we aren't worried about whether or not I am ovulating. For the first few months, we didn't think I was ovulating at all so it took away that am I pregnant or not phase. Now things are better in that area (we hope!) and there is a chance!