Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So excited! - first doctors appointment

I knew that I had picked the right doctor!

There are two doctors that I have come to like at the surgery I go to. When it came time to think about which doctor I would like to see me through the journey of conception, pregrancy and bubbie it was a pretty easy choice really. And it was definitely the right choice!

She was great today. Pro-active right from the start! She said that normally she would wait a year before beginning hormone testing etc. but being 40 she wanted to get started quickly. She gave me a form to get hormone tested in my next cycle (as it is too late now in this cycle) and talked about the next steps once that is done. And if in 6 cycles we haven't conceived, then she will take things further.

Initially I was disappointed that it is too late in this cycle to do the blood tests, but on further thinking I am glad. It gives the naturopaths plan for us time to play out. More time on the natural fertility pills and then some time after the results of the tests come in. Depending on the results of the tests I sent off on Monday, QN (Queen Naturopath) will no doubt put me on something else. It will be good to allow that to settle in my system before I go have the blood tests from the doctor.

The doctor was pleased to have discovered that I have tracked my irregular cycles for many years and wants me to bring in the print out to my next appointment. She was also pleased that we are doing the Maybe Baby. She wasn't concerned that there had been no sign of ovulation this cycle. She said that it does happen at my age that you don't ovulate every month and she has automatically included ovulation testing in the blood test request.

And not once did she mention weight! That pleased me no end!!! After hearing other reports, I was so expecting that to be the first thing she mentioned. In the end, I brought it up. I said that I knew the most important thing was for me to be living healthily (which we had already talked about), but was it a disadvantage being overweight? And her answer - dadadadada...... NO! Woohooo!! I like this doctor! She said that it only makes a difference when woman are morbidly obese and as I am not.... then NO! Exactly the same as QN! She did say that it can help the process to lose some weight but this answer was still NO! As I have already changed my lifestyle back to a healthy one, I am covering that base as well.

Oh, and she also didn't roll her eyes at the word naturopath. Just nodded her head when I said that I see one regularly.

So, I am pleased. Very pleased. I have me a supportive, pro-active doctor who I trust to see us through this wonderful part of our life.

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