Sunday, August 9, 2009

Being pro-active

We gave ourselves two months of trying on our own before becoming outwardly pro-active. If I was 27 years young, we would have continued for 12 months like that, having our own fun! However at 40, we don't have time to do that.

I have seen two naturopaths for the last couple of years - one has become a good friend. Initially I saw my other naturopath because we are not wanting to tell anyone that we are trying for a baby. With the disappointments that can occur, it is what we felt was right for both of us and after I am pregnant we plan to tell our parents only until the second tri-mester. Mainly it is because of my age and the extra problems that come with trying to have a first baby as an older woman. Disappointments will affect us deeply without adding having to tell others.

So after taking herbs from one naturopath, we decided we needed a second opinion and we are so glad that we did. After her squeal of excitement (!!!), our friend and Naturopath Queen proceeded to amaze us with what she did and said and got us to do. There was blood viewing, zinc testing, fertility herbs for both of us and tests to take home and to send away for. Hormone testing is being done at a lab and urine testing at home!

She also sent us to buy Maybe Baby. I thought I would be using the basal testing to determine my fertile period, but Maybe Baby is amazing. Through viewing your saliva in a tiny microscope, you know exactly when ovulation is about to occur and when it does occur. Much more effective than basal testing! I am amazed by it. It is wonderful learning so much more about my cycle through this and seeing what I do already understand co-inciding with what the Maybe Baby is showing me.

We are yet to get to a fertile period to see it change. I am excited about seeing that occur!

I've also finally made a doctors appointment. I see her on Wednesday. No doubt there will be more tests to take!

So, the pro-active phase has started! It is wonderful to be taking this journey together!

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