Friday, August 21, 2009

Sickness = loss of motivation

I've come down sick the last couple of days. Had a few nights of not sleeping well and that was enough for the germies to find a way into my system.

My naturopath explained to me that it's when we are sleeping between the hours of 11 and 2, that our immune system repairs itself. I didn't really sleep between those hours at all for 3-4 nights in a row. So no wonder the bugs took over.

There are so many nasty bugs around at the moment. I thought I was doing so well staying healthy. And I was, until I couldn't sleep! I have had so many students turning up sick or having been sick. Even several who have been out with swine flu. D has been sick for a couple of weeks.

I hate losing a good flow. I've been so happy with the changes in my life the last couple of weeks. My work schedule has been so much better, and I've easily readopted my old exercise routine and healthy eating.

But now, it's stopped. I'm not at work, not exercising and not eating well!! Ah, the joys of being sick. So, I need to do the right thing and lay low. Get as much rest as I can. And stop doing things around the house!

Yesterday, I cleaned out kitchen cupboards and started on the linen press because I was going mad not doing anything.
Today though, I seem to be more weary, so it might be easier to read in bed and recuperate.

So, for now that is what I will do.
I'm looking forward to doing a post showing my clutter clearing endeavours. Hopefully that will be ready to go soon!


  1. Illness and stress definitely causes a loss of motivation. I'm feeling a bit right now because I'm overwhelmed with all the needs of everyone in my household, which means that I'm having a hard time satifying my own needs. I know that it will pass, but right now I feel that a "down" day is a wasted day (although it really isn't).---I discovered your blog via "In Season Mom." I had my three children at ages 37, 40, and 42. I realize that it was doable because I did not have fertililty issues, and that by those ages, a lot of women do have fertility issues. So, it may be more of a challenge or task for you, but I pray that you conceive soon. I'd love to swap "older mom" stories with you! --- I know a another woman who wants to have a baby very much. I rarely see her, but when I do, should I ask about her progress? I'm sure that she knows that I'm wondering, but I feel awkward bringing it up. I don't know if it makes her sad or encouraged.---I will check in here and there to see how you're doing. Be well. Blessings.

  2. Nice to 'meet' you, Anita. Welcome to my blog.

    Every woman is different of course, so perhaps you should ask her if she wants to be asked!! I would imagine she would greatly appreciate that even if the answer is no.!

    For us, at this stage, we aren't telling anyone that we are even trying. Which I guess is why this blog is a good outlet. You always need an outlet of some kind.

    I look forward to hearing/reading about your older mom stories.


  3. Hi. I just made my way over to check out your new blog. What an exciting journey for you and D!! I am excited to follow along and to support you. I am sending much love and good thoughts. I hope that you are feeling better.

  4. Thank you Annie. Your suggestion is very good advice.
    I plan to get back to writing on my blog soon; it has been a week or two since my last post. I envy those of you that have managed to have a routine of writing more often. When you become a mother, you will struggle to find some quiet/writing time too. (smile)

  5. Hi Nicci! So glad you have visited. It is exciting isn't it. No matter what may happen along the way, and no matter what other emotions may emerge as a result, it is still exciting! Thank you for love and good thoughts.

    Anita - Maintaining regular writing is always hard. I have always admired those women with kids and jobs that still do it regularly and put up their photos as well! Wow. You have done really well from the looks of yoru blog! I hope I can maintain it myself WHEN we become parents! Positive thinking!