Saturday, February 27, 2010

Redecorating Excitement

Last night, I felt the great urge to get a new look for this blog!  I was tired of the three columns on one side and everything being squished in and wanted to get a layout with only two extra columns.




After choosing what I wanted (more on that in a minute!), I sat down in full preparation of spending the next hour or so, redoing all my widgets.  It always happens.  Blogger deletes all the widgets you spend so long doing every time you want a new look.

I uploaded the template, saw the list of widgets blogger wanted to delete and sighed a big, deep sigh.

I scrolled down to the delete widgets button…

Only to discover…

There was another button next to it…

A Keep All Widgets button!


I can now keep all the widgets?????

Oh my God!   Woohoooooo!!  Yippppeeeee!!!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I’m SO SO SO Excited!

In just a few minutes, wallah, the new layout is up and all my widgets in tack!
All I had to do was re-arrange them a little.  And I also updated them.

I didn’t know what I was looking for in a new layout, I just started looking in my usual place – Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates.  And then I saw the Valentines layouts.  Of course, THAT is what I need!

After two weeks, I’m no longer high in the clouds after my proposal.  Ohhhh. I liked being up high!!  Still really happy, but not soaring quite as much!!  :):)  So, this layout is a reminder of that wonderful day and maybe providing just a little kick back to those highest of clouds every now and then!

Photo:  D and I and the clouds about an hour after we got engaged.  Still at the spot!



  1. Love the new look! When I had my blog makeover, it was fantastic! I still love it! Yes, sometimes it's nice to redecorate.

  2. Redecorating ... yes, what fun! You did a great job, I adore it.

  3. Beautiful...that's the beauty of blogging, no rules.

    I like change so I do it so much that I have had friends visit and think they were on the wrong blog.

  4. I love this new look! I really like the little black birds over on the side. What a great picture of you and D...such a happy couple!!

    PS: Where did you get this blog template? This is where I have problems and why I probably keep the old standard blogger template. I find outside sources for other templates but they never quite transfer over as I hoped :(

  5. The link is the blog Jane! Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates. They are great!

    Hi Salma. It certainly is weird going to a blog that you go to all the time and it is different. But I love change. You gotta do it!

    Thanks Donna!

    I'm loving this new look too Deb! I keep going to it just to look at it!