Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feeling Happy and Relaxed.

What a wonderful week I am having!  I love being engaged!  And I love that D loves being engaged – in fact I think I like that even better!  LOL

I got a fitting for the making of my ring and pulled a big sad face when the guy said it would be about 4 weeks!  Poor guy – he immediately started backtracking saying that would be the maximum time and it might come sooner.  It was so funny!  He was a good bloke.

Something has shifted in me.  I don’t know what.  But I’m happier.  I’m happy about being engaged.  But I’m also happy about work.  I’m happy about my headspace.  Things just feel better.  And the interesting thing is that it started to shift before Valentines Day.  It just then exploded forward after that !!  LOL!

I’m back to exercising everyday.  And I already feel better for it.  Consistency is a big key to everything – exercise and food. 

[The photos today are of all the yummy healthy foods that are going to help my fertility!]


I’ve had a few more after affects of the HSG Scan.  Both negative and positive. 

The negative was a lot of swelling, soreness and discomfort for several days after the BD.  (which I have just discovered is short for Baby Dance!)  It meant a trip to the chemist and no BD until I was better.

The positive – also in regards to the BD.  Lets just say – Oh my God – Wow!!  Nothing like a good clean out!  :)  :)

Okay enough of that now!


This cycle has also been a happy cycle.  No tracking.  Just chilled and relaxed.  In fact, I even thought it was going to be a total wipeout and I wasn’t worried.  The swelling occurred close to ovulation time.  And as soon as I was feeling better, D came home after kickboxing having damaged his hip.  But, as it soons out, we may have made it in just in time.  Who knows?!  It doesn’t matter.

No stressing.  I’m not expecting anything this cycle.  It is all relaxed and chilled and we are having a lot of fun together.  And enjoying the beginning of this new phase in our lives!

And I know this doesn’t matter at all.  And it doesn’t bother me either way.  But I am really glad that we got engaged before I got pregnant.  There is just something about it – that verbal and also public commitment to each other.  I didn’t expect it to make all that much difference to us as a committed couple, but it does.  It really really does!

[Did you know that foods that are good for particular areas of the body also have similiar shapes to that part.  For example, artichokes are good for the heart, carrots are good for the eyes and when you slice them, they look like an eye.  And avocados are good for the womb!]




  1. Annie, my heart (artichoke?) has been singing ever since I read of your proposal. I have been loving following your journey from afar and send you my love and blessings.

  2. You just ooze happiness! I can feel it!!! And I love that I found you at menopausal New Mom because we're around the same age! :)

  3. Rebecca! So good to hear from you! I hope you are well and happy. Love and blessings to you as well.

    Hi Blueviolet and welcome! I've been over to your blog. Wow! What a lot of followers you have. And all those giveaways. What fun!

  4. I have just found your I am the ''new follower'' hehehee I am an Irish woman in Libya. I saw my friend gave you a sunshine award, and well, I was curious as I am Trying, to get pregnant too..... Have to go read your posts now.... Tlk soon,
    Khedegah M

  5. Hi Khedegah and welcome! Thank you for following. Who gave me a sunshine award???
    Good luck with your ttc journey as well.

  6. I have an award for you, come and pick it up.

  7. You sound so calm and relaxed and I can relate so much. It's exactly how I felt after our wedding and like I said in my last comment, that peacefulness resulted in a pregnancy within the first month!

  8. Deb - how encouraging!
    For lots of reasons we aren't planning on rushing into wedding plans. But I do feel so much more relaxed and content and happy being engaged. Maybe that will do the trick like it did with you getting married. We are just doing it slightly untraditionally, but in a way that works for us.

    Thanks ISW! I will be sure to pass it on asap!

  9. Khedegah - I just tried to look at your own blog and profile and it was blocked. I would love to say hi to you in return if possible.

  10. Hey yeah my blog is on private at the mo...I will send an invite to you though. (I just want to keep track of who is reading it, as I will be posting family photos etc I need an email addy to send invite to, just )
    But I have a public one too. ''Khedegah Mc'' I do not post regularly though hahahahaha (But comment on it, with your email addy, and I will send invite on.Comments are moderated LOL))

    Oh BTW it was Imperfect Stepford Wife, who gave you the award....but guess you know that LOL.

    Loving the blog

    Tlk soon K