Thursday, February 4, 2010

In a muddle.



I don’t know where I am at the moment.  This pain in my back and side is all consuming and is leaving me not being able to do much.  Thank goodness I go to my appointments tomorrow!  As I know I am not pregnant, I took some anti-inflammatories today, so hopefully that will help.

But I am also a mix of emotions.  From relief, to sadness, to frustration, to gratefulness, to going with the flow, to positivity, to clarity, back to frustration, muddiness and doubt.  I need to let it all go and just be.

I did a post yesterday about the opportunities that going through another cycle has given me.  For some reason I didn’t post it.  I’m not sure why.  It just didn’t feel right.

The gist of it is though, is that I am grateful for the opportunity to continue my healthier eating patterns before we conceive.  Things have been SO much better in that regard and I would really like the opportunity to see and feel the results of that before I start turning into a big turnip!!!

I’ve taken a break from all the herbs I have been taking.  It feels right to just stop for a while while my body goes through its cleansing from the last cycle.

I don’t know where I am with anything at the moment.  And I’m not going worry about it today.  I did too much yesterday, preparing for the school year at my desk and computer, and aggravated my back from the sitting.  So, today, I am going to rest everything.  My mind, my body, my soul.  I’m heading down to the shops to buy a novel (unheard of for me.  I’m a library girl!!) and hire some movies. It’s time to try and let go of the guilt over work and snuggle in for a day of rest and recovery and not much else!!

Today I thought I would steer away from other peoples babies photos and share with you one of my shots.   This photo was taken at one

of our local southern beaches.  We have gorgeous beaches around here and this is one of favourite photos!


 Pt. Willunga southern cliffs 12


  1. What a beautiful beach! It's about -20 here right now with the windchill so any beach would be beautiful to me right now Lol!

    Yes, I'm glad to hear that you are going to the doctor tomorrow to find out about that pain you are having. Get that sorted and then smile about the future that will be!

    Enjoy your book and movie, you are so deserving of a little time to yourself.

  2. Sometimes a little "Me" time is what is needed. Fact is, I'm having some me time right now! So although you are half a world away and a day ahead, we'll chill together!

    Hope all is well with the appointments and they find out what the problem is!

  3. So please you are 'listening' to what your body, mind and spirit need. It's a great gift to honour that. I love the photo. Looks like scenes from along the 'great ocean road'. Beautiful country. I have so many wonderful memories. I'm thinking of you. Follow your heart and you will not go wrong.

  4. What a beautiful ocean! Hope you can go there or just veg in your home with your books and movies and purge for as long as you need to. Then one day, you'll wake up energized and ready to work on your dream all over again. :)

  5. Thank you so much everyone for your support! I must admit I burst into tears when I read them. Then again I've been doing that a lot today! It's been an emotional release day watching some girly movies.

    Anita - I sure hope so! I do believe the energy for the dream will come back again soon. Thank you.

    Donna - I'm not usually very good at listening to what I need. Guilt often comes in the way. Not today though. I veged the whole day!

    Nancy - Hey, chilling together half a world away. I like it!!

    Deb - I'm getting ready to smile tomorrow!! I totally immersed myself in movies today. Wonderful!

    Thank you all again!!

    Much love and light to you

  6. How are you feeling today?
    What a beautiful picture, reminds me of my younger years on an Island.

  7. Hi Salma, slowly getting better, thank you!
    You lived on an island??!! How nice would THAT have been!