Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My HSG Scan – Part 1!

Well, I had my HSG scan today.  Oh my god!  I have so much to tell, I don’t know where to begin.  And to spare you all a HUGELY long post (this one is long enough!), it would be best if I did it in parts over a few days!  

Part 1 – My story

Part 2 –
What I have learnt about the process, the results and the possibilities.
Other women's experiences.
My tips on what to do if you need to have one yourself. 

Part Three – why I am feeling SO much better about things now than I was this morning!

Part One

A definition of what on earth it is would be a good place to start!

         Hysterosalpingogram (HSG): This test is carried out in the x-ray department of the hospital and is a screening test to check if the tubes are blocked. A speculum is passed (like when having a smear test) and a small amount of dye is injected through the cervix. A series of x-rays are taken which show the outline of the uterus and if the tubes are open, dye will be seen flowing through.

Since I got home, I have done a lot of research on-line about the HSG scan.  Mostly, I am REALLY glad that I didn’t look anything up before hand.  I may not have gone through with it based on other woman's experiences!!  But on the other hand, I went into the scan completely uninformed and I am disappointed about that.  

What I was told to expect in regards to pain wasn’t my experience. I wasn’t given suggestions about what to do beforehand.  I also wasn’t told what to expect afterwards – the bleeding (mild for me), the cramping (which in my case hasn’t been too bad either). 

But mostly, I wish I had known what to look for in the monitor.  I wish I had asked the doctor before he rushed out what the results were.  I wish that I had some understanding of what would happen in regards to the dye and how it moves through the tubes along with the problems it can come across.

But, I didn’t.  And maybe that was good, because it was probably enough just to deal with the pain I experienced!  FYI – I feel fine now.  Just some discomfort which is easily manageable with no need at all for any pain killers.

They took a pregnancy test before I went in just to make sure.  I didn’t know they were going to do that though, and I made sure I went to the toilet and had an empty bladder before going into the appointment! But somehow I managed to produce a bit more - enough to be tested!  The result was as expected having just had my period!

The nurse that first took us in, sat us down to tell us about the test.  She made it seem horrific!  Oh no!  She even told D that if he felt faint he could sit down or leave the room.  He thought “geez, what are they going to do to her?!”  I got the impression that I was going to have the thing inserted into my cervix for about 20 minutes.  Oh my god! …

[She also told us that the doctor would sterilise both outside and inside in order to prevent infection but did warn of the possibility of pelvic infection still.  Other complications could be an allergy to the dye (which I found out on-line tonight - not through the nurse!).  All sensible warnings.  And I will keep an eye out for any fever or anything that may indicate an infection.  If so, then straight off to the doctor!]

... But then the next nurse, who was actually in the appointment, was absolutely lovely!  She made it seem just fine and said that I would be in there for about 20 minutes but the actual procedure was about 5 minutes.  She was reassuring and kind and funny and caring and the best nurse I have ever met in my whole life!!!!!!

One of my photos for a breath of fresh air!

Maslins rocks in the ocean

I am so glad D was with me.  He was rubbing my head and holding my hand and it made it so much better.  It is also good that he can part of the whole process that I have to go through, that we are sharing it together.

The cool thing was, that he was able to tell me afterwards what happened and what was actually going on when I was responding in certain ways.  He could see that as the speculum went in, I was just in a bit of discomfort.  Same for when the rod went in. Fortunately I didn’t see the injection because he said it was big!!

As the doctor started injecting the dye, he could see that I was starting to squirm – that was when the ‘period pain’ hit - but it wasn’t too bad.  As he kept injecting more dye, that was when it started to get REALLY painful.  D thought, “my god, if he is going to inject ALL of that in, she is going to be in intense pain”.  But he didn’t inject it all in. 

The doctor had me rolling onto my left and then the right side – either to get the dye flowing or to take the x-rays on each side, I don’t know.  That actually relieved the pain a little bit so maybe it was because the dye began moving through properly. Who knows!!  And then it was all over! Done, finito!  Over in  a few minutes!

My only concern is that if I had to move to get the dye flowing, that there is/was a blockage.  If so, I can only pray that the dye was able to be pushed through and clear the blockage (more on this tomorrow).

There was some mild bleeding and I’ve still got some pain and discomfort, but nothing to fret over or even take any pain killers for.  I certainly don’t want to be going out tonight though and definitely no sex!  Too sore for that!  But I am fine and in three weeks time, we find out the results of the tests. 

I’m also really glad I didn’t have to go back to work afterwards.  And neither did D, so we came home and chilled out together for the evening.

If you made it down here – thanks for listening!!  :)  :)  :) 

Part Two tomorrow!!

Photo:  Another one of my photos for a final breather!

Wetlands Walk 1


  1. You two are going through SO MUCH!!!! Thank God you have each other for support. Take care of yourself and each other. I can't imagine going through all this. I am thinking of you.

  2. Yes, you are courageous to be going through all this and I completely understand your dedication - I will keep sending happy, fertile thoughts your way!

  3. Thanks Donna and Carol for your words and thoughts. I greatly appreciate it. I will get to your blogs also asap. Right now, I am struggling to do much though!

    I was amazed upon discovering last night how many women are going through this everyday. It was good to hear their experiences and discover more information!