Friday, February 12, 2010

My HSG Scan – Final

It’s been two days since the scan and I am pleased to say I am feeling ever so much better!

I had a massage today, hoping to continue to work on my pretty much healed torn abdomen muscle, but unfortunately she really couldn’t get near it!  So obviously, without me being consciously aware of it, there is still some tenderness in my belly when any pressure is put on it!  And what she did do, which was very little, has flared it up just a little.  No worries.  Will be fine soon. 

I also had my usual acupuncture treatment and he stayed well clear of the area!  Such nice people!

They both wanted to know all about it so they could inform their other clients who are about to have the scan.  I gave them a run down of my experiences and what I learned, in particular stressing the before and after things to do, and making sure they let people know that the discomfort level will be different for everyone!  I certainly wouldn’t want people freaking out about what it may be like, when it is all over with in just a few minutes.  But knowledge and knowing the possibilities is important.  And preparation before and after is the key.

One other thing I asked D today was whether the doctor had to really force the dye into the tubes.  He said yes.  He was pushing really hard on the injection to get the dye in.  No wonder it hurt!!  No free flowing dye for me!!  :)  But until I get the results, I won’t know whether he had to push hard because I was having muscle spasms or because the tubes were blocked.


Deb commented on my last post that it sounded like quite a procedure.  I guess it is really.  King Acupunt had a funny view on it and said it was like a plumber coming to unblock your pipes and shoving things down the tubes!  :)  But the biggest thing for me that made it a big deal, I think, is that I wasn’t informed.

In actual fact, compared to what I have read about procedures further along in the infertility path, this one was a cinch.  And if I have gotten lucky, and it has unblocked my tubes, then it is like a huge big cleansing out and refreshing of my baby making bits!  A clean fresh start!!  :)

Fingers crossed!

I am feeling so much more positive and hopeful about things now.  Before the scan I had become very despondent and depressed.   I was actually getting a bit worried about the emotions that were swamping me.

But since the scan and my on-line research, I’ve moved back to my usual hopeful, positive, going with the flow, being in the moment self.  So, I am very grateful for the experience!



  1. Wow...I had some catching up to do!

    Your journal of this experience will be so helpful to others - it probably already is.

    I'm glad the testing went well and I hope the results will provide an answer for your questions.

    If anything is going on "in there" may it be easily fixable and get you back on the baby-making track pronto!