Thursday, May 9, 2013

10 weeks

We met with our new OB on Monday.  He is wonderful and we are so happy with him.  It doesn't matter that it takes us an hour to get there!  I am just so relieved to be in good care by a lovely guy who specializes in high risk pregnancies.  Very reassuring.

We had another scan which showed a wonderful heartbeat.  All things were good - except for the size of our baby.  The baby measured small which is not good.  However, Chris (OB) was having some problems with the scanner and it is also possible that it was the position of the baby as was the case with our first scan.

So, we have another scan today in the scanning facility, not in his office.  All the high tech equipment on hand and we will find out for sure.  He wanted to leave it for a few days so he could see that even if the baby is small, that at least he/she is still growing.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us.  I've been trying to stay calm and relaxed doing meditations and continuing to talk to our little one, but this of course is worrying me.  As the weeks go by, our baby is feeling more and more a part of me.  If anything goes wrong...

And to top of my week, I have had the worst case of hemorrhoids and fissure that I have ever had!!  OOWWWWW!  To the point that I called Dave two days "babbling hysterically" as he called it.  He was home from work 20 minutes later, on the phone to the hospital, down to the chemist for medications and had me booked in to the doctor a couple of hours later.  What a man!!

They started a few weeks ago, once the constipation set in.  I am prone to them, however I couldn't treat them the way I normally would.  So, I went down the natural path - eating prunes firstly, then taking homeopathics, extra fibre.  But they continued to get worse and worse.  On Monday the OB said I can actually use my normal treatment but to be cautious I should wait until 14 weeks.

Well, by the end of that day, I'm thinking I can't wait.  And sure enough the next day, I was crying hysterically.  We got reassurances from both the hospital and the doctor on the treatment and along with some additional medications, I am now getting better.  But I am still sitting on the ring cushion!!

And of course, this is only the first trimester.  I am going to really have to take care of this all the way through my pregnancy - especially third trimester.  But at least from now on, I can treat it straight away.  What fun!!  :(

All I can say is thank goodness I am on the mend!

So now I wait patiently for our scan this afternoon, hoping for the big sigh of relief that will come with a good size and heartbeat.

Love and light

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