Thursday, May 9, 2013

Scan update

We're back from our scan and all is looking good!  Thank goodness.  The baby is measuring a little small - the dating being about 6 days out.  But the OB is not worried and bubby has continued to grow since Monday's scan. 

It is all just amazing, but the MOST amazing thing was we were watching the incredible heartbeat - all 4 chambers clearly visible - and all of a sudden bubby starts kicking his/her legs and waving his/her arms, moving around so much!!!  It was incredible.  Dave and I both let out an "OH my god!!!!" and started laughing!

I don't think I've ever seen anything so wonderful!  And being able to see so much activity from our child was so reassuring.  Bubby is alive and active!

Now I have the headspace and heartspace to find my 'Trust' again. It's been so hard the last few days.  OB Chris has booked me in Monday week for another informal scan purely for my reassurance.  He is just fantastic!

When we left our appointment on Monday, I heard him ask the receptionist if Louise was in and I wondered if that was our fertility OB.  Was he going to consult with her??  And today, when he offered the extra scan, he said "after all you've been through, I'm happy to give you the reassurance".  I'm wondering if he has spoken to her about us and she filled him in on some of the hardships we have faced.

On the way home, Dave also told me that when I went to toilet on Monday during the appointment, he spoke to Chris alone and said that I do have anxiety problems and he wanted to make sure I was monitored consistently so I wasn't worrying.  Possibly part of the reason he offered the extra scan.  I love my husband!!  He is taking care of me so amazingly well.  And so will OB Chris.  Just one of the nicest, sincere men.  I am grateful.

Love and Light


  1. is so great to hear good news and that you are being well taken care of by "both" men. As time goes on I am sure your "trust" will deepen as it should and I will continue to send prayers as you continue on this journey towards motherhood. You are giving lots of women who are over 40 hope and I think that is so wonderful. Even though "our ship has sailed", it is comforting to know others' dreams can come true.

  2. This is my official "love, hugs and congratulations" comment! I am so happy for you and your husband. Praying for you all!!!

  3. This is really exciting and such a huge blessing for you and Dave. I'm really so happy for you!