Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tempermental Hormones!

I've been meaning to do a post documenting my test results - both the saliva testing through the naturopath and the blood tests through the doctor. However, my naturopath summed it up all too well yesterday. "Your hormones are all over the place!"

And the perfect example are my my E2's (oestradiol). In my saliva tests (Day 21 of my cycle) they were too low. A few weeks later (Day 18 of my next cycle), the blood tests showed them as being too high. No wonder I'm so screwed up!! :):) (other test figures at bottom of post)

She believes that is probably why I reacted with a migraine to the herbs that are trying to change my hormones to a better baby making balance. My usual hormone balance is simply too up and down to be able to cope. So, for the last week I have been on some hormone balancing herbs.

Today I begin taking a gentler version of the herb she believes caused the migraine. I am very scared to do so. I'm debating whether to wait until after our recital tomorrow. I have to be in tip top shape for that and with a cold coming on I want to take my cold mix. I'm nervous that the two together won't be good. And right now, the cold mix is more important.

Okay, what I will do is take the cold mix now, wait a couple of hours for it to sink in. And then take the hormone herbs. Decision made!!

It's interesting see all these crazy results and wondering how my hormones have been affecting my life up until this point. Who knows really??!!

Nevertheless, I am happy to still be grateful and at ease with the journey that we are on. No matter what bumps in the road, we are still living our lives. And while hopefully that will lead to a bump in my belly(!), I am fascinated and grateful for the experiences that we are having and the things that we are learning!



Blood tests -
FSH - within range
LH - too high
P4 - too low
E2 - too high

Saliva test -
E1 - withing range
E2 - too low
P4 - okay
P4:E2 - the balance between the two is ok.
Testoserone - way too high. Usually a result of insulin spikes. Need to eat low GI, low carb.


  1. I've passed he Lemonade Award on to you!

    If you prefer not to be listed on my post dated 10/2/09, just comment "pass" behind this comment; otherwise, you've got lemonade!

  2. Hi, just found your blog and I would like to say that pregnancy over 40 isn't just possible, it is reality! I had my daughter at the age of 45 without any medical intervention at all, carried her for 39 weeks and she was born weighing 7lbs 6ozs. When she was 2 1/2 years old, I went into full blown menopause so now I find myself dealing with the challenges of being a new mom and coping with the hormone levels of a post-menopausal woman. Check out my blog, I'm now in the process of trying to lose the baby weight, she's 3 1/2 now so it's about time! Good luck to you! Deb

  3. I know I've already thanks on your blog, but he it is again! Thanks Anita. xx

    Hi Deb. Nice to meet you. It's always good to hear over 40 success stories! Were you trying to get pregnant?

  4. Hi, No I wasn't trying to get pregnant but we were not trying to avoid it either. I actually believed that my chances of becoming pregnant naturally for the first time in my mid forties were so low, that I didn't really give it much thought. Wrong on that count so hang in there! What a pleasant surprise she has been. I'm having the time of my life being a stay-at-home mom after enjoying a 23-year career in the insurance industry.

  5. How wonderful! There is hope! I've been a teacher for the last 20 years. I am so looking forward to being a stay-at-home mum. And the beauty with my work is that I can still do it part-time as I can. There is flexibitlity in when and how much I teach. So, it will be a nice balance later down the track.

  6. I just came over to cacth up. I hope the herbs didn't cause a migraine. I had one hormone induced migraine myself when I was getting my cycles back after having my second one. It was no fun.

  7. Hi Nicci. Glad to "see" you! They certainly aren't fun. Sorry to hear you had a hormone induced one as well.

    I do think it was the herbs affecting my hormones that caused the migraine. Now, I am starting to believe that the continuing headaches may be caused by sugar and how that effects the continuing hormonal changes that are going on in my body. (See my latest post on polycystic ovarian syndrome...)

    Now, I'm off to catch up with your latest! "see you" soon!