Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is a test.  I have just installed Windows Live Writer and wanted to check out its capacities.  It looks good on the surface.  Now to experiment…

This is a link to today’s regular post

This is inserting a photo album.  Cool!


Inserting a single photo.  So many cool features!!  I’m liking this program!




Inserting a table????!!!  How amazingly versatile!

wow, inserting
a table!!!


This is where I went to University….  as an aerial photo….

Map picture

and as a map…   Awesome!!

Map picture


Gosh, there is still more!!!  I think that will do for now.  Lets see how it publishes.


  1. I see that I have SO MUCH to learn about all the available software and tools for blogging. I may be asking for your advice one day!

  2. I found this program by accident - windows live writer. I was installing IE8 which I greatly disliked and uninstalled! However, this program was part of the whole insidious process of IE8. I am grateful to have found it and have kept this one part!