Friday, October 9, 2009

Fertility Clinic

In my last trip to the doctor, she arranged a reference for me to a fertility clinic. With the consideration of my blood tests and age, she wanted to get me in as quickly as possible.

She estimates a wait of at least 6 weeks before I can get an appointment. I was glad for the time. Initially I thought more time would be better in order to give all the naturopathic stuff a chance. However since then, my acupunturist L has said that he wants me to get an ultrasound of all my 'bits' to ensure that there isn't a physical problem such as blocked or twisted fallopian tubes etc etc. I can get this done at the fertility clinic.

So, the sooner the better now. And once I am in the system, we can take it from there. Once in the system, there are choices. I can choose to go ahead with other treatments, or we can choose to wait longer before taking the traditional medical route.

I really hope we don't have to go there. But as Queen Naturo said, in the end, if you have to have your hormones chemically stimulated in order to have a baby, then that is what you do. And during that time, she and L will continue to support and take care of us in the natural way.


  1. You have a great team around you all working towards a common goal, don't get caught up in the means, focus on the result. I had to do this when it was decided that an emergency c section was necessary. At the end of the day, as long as my baby was okay, I had nothing to complain about.