Monday, October 12, 2009

The latest news

Kaitpo Forest trees and seatWith great joy, I set out on my walk yesterday. I guess it is too soon for my knee. 5 minutes later, I had to turn around and head back home.

I've made an appointment with the doctor though and will see her on Friday. D has a friend in the MRI department which may help us with the process.

I’ve also called Curves to sadly put a hold on my membership until this is sorted out. Sadness mixed with relief. Strange really.

Today’s picture is not of bubbies obviously! I wanted to put up a picture from one of the bushwalks that I’ve done. The idea being to activate that side of myself again. It is such a peaceful setting.

Something is shifting in me. I’m not really sure what yet, but my thoughts are changing. My body is changing. I feel the possibility that the treatment I am on for PCOS is setting things right. I am excited, shocked, unbelieving, grateful, amazed at the prospect!

After all these years of struggle, could it really have been PCOS that were causing all the symptoms? Could it be that our desire for a child, is also the instigator for the new season of my life to finally arrive? For the healing of my body - physically and mentally - and therefore spiritually and emotionally as well!

QN added one extra herb to my mix yesterday – THE herb – the herb she believes may have caused my migraine – also the herb that is the main one she wants me to take. I have some migraine signs and I’m being very caref ul. So far, so okay though.

The last two days have been very restful. And restful without feeling guilty. D is away for work and I have had no commitments or obligations. School goes back tomorrow and I have a crazy week. I hope my neck and knee hold up.

As for the rest of the day, it is time to potter around the house and get more things organised and clean and peaceful.


  1. Beautiful photo, so peaceful, makes me want to get out there and do some walking myself. I'm sorry to hear that your knee will not allow you to enjoy the trails yet but I am pleased you are having it examined. You sound like you have found a wonderful state of peace within, exactly the positive energy you need to surround yourself with in order to heal and prepare for the wonderful journey of motherhood.

  2. I'm not sure that I have wonderful state of peace just yet!! It's always the goal though. Moreso now than ever before. But something is definitely shifting within. And it's surprising me!

  3. Feeling better? I hope so! :)

  4. Getting there, Anita! Thank you. The last few days have been swomped with computer disasters and I am trying very hard not to be stressed. Yesterday staying stress free was very unsuccessful!! But today, my most important program is still working, so thank goodness and fingers crossed.

    I see the doctor today about my knee and to hopefully get a referral for an mri.

    Am feeling buoyant and positive today!

    How are you? Hope things are running smoothly!

  5. I am well, thank you. Just spending too much time having fun on the computer!

  6. I spent the last few minutes staring at this beautiful and peaceful photo. Sometimes our bodies tell us that we don't need to walk or exercise. We just need to sit, relax our minds and be still. Remember to take a few minutes to do this every day!