Monday, September 28, 2009

Cycle 5 begins

I always speak about my cycles as cycles not in terms of months. I have always been so irregular, that months is most definitely not applicable! So, now that cycle 4 has ended, I say, "bring on cycle 5!" :)

Today is the start of my 5th cycle since we began trying to bring our little bubby into the world. My goal this cycle is simply to ovulate! That would be great!! :):)

This weeks acupuncture session was all about my ovaries, stimulating them to start working properly. As well as a needle point to keep me happy and help my thought processes!

I've started a modified herbal mix and with no migraines yet, it is looking good. I see Queen Naturo on Wednesday for my regular massage maintainence, and I suspect she will probably add one extra herb to the mix and see how that goes.

The general headache I have been experiencing since my migraine adventure is still there. It is not at any level that I need to take anything for it, but it does persist and I need to talk to QN about it.

Naturally D is concerned. We know that the migraine and headaches are no doubt related to my hormones being stimulated in different ways. But he is right in saying that it is not normal that this headache is persisting. I think though, that what we are doing with my hormones is not something that will settle for quite some time, there are still changes to be made. And inevitably those changes will have some side affects. A mild pain in my head I can deal with! Nevertheless, QN needs to know and may have some better answers.

And on a fun note...

After no alcohol for over two months, D and I are opening a special bottle tonight now that I have my period. A celebration of our journey and goals and a reward for our efforts.

I am going to really enjoy this brief breaking of my no alcohol adventure before getting back on it again.
I'm going to savour every sip.
I'm going to enjoy the sound of the bottle opening,
the smell of the wine while it is still in the bottle,
the sound of it being poured into the glass,
the colour of the wine, the swishing of it in the glass,
the first sniff,
the sound of the clinking of glasses,
the taste of that first sip...


  1. I'm so excited for you and D! I'll be coming around daily to read the progress. I really love how you are celebrating your hard work and efforts instead of reacting from a negative place if the results were not acheived. My old boss had her 2nd child when she was nearly 46. It was a total surprise for her. I'll be putting you in my prayers daily and sending you lots of love and light on this journey. You deserve all of it and so much more!

  2. Thanks Jane! So glad to see you here. It wil be great to have your friendship and support. Any advice or words of experience will be greatly appreciated!