Saturday, April 6, 2013

Anxiety and another blood test

Thursday afternoon saw me in tears with worry and calling the clinic for another blood test.  I'd been trying so hard not to be anxious about how things were going.  I was doing really well until Thursday arvo!

After the phone call I felt so much better just knowing I was getting checked the next day.  My pregnancy hormones have gone up nicely.  Not as much as I hoped for or expected but still at the top of the range of the chart I put up yesterday and the nurse was happy with the HCG numbers as well as my oestrogen and progesterone.  HCG 4890.  Up from 1938 on Monday.  So we are still going along fine.  Phewww!

I really do feel so much better now.  I'm starting to feel more relaxed and trusting in the process.  And able to just let things progress however they progress.

I do wish that I would stop brown spotting though.  I had it about a week ago and it started again two days ago.  I know that it is nothing to worry about.  Brown blood is old blood.  But I really would prefer not to have it!!

Anita asked me a few questions in her comment yesterday so I thought I would answer them here!  Hi Anita!  And Hi Jen as well.  Thank you for you comments!

"Sooo... how ya feelin'?! :) Sleeping well? Any cravings yet? Tired?"

How AM I feeling?
It's such a mix of feelings going on.  I don't feel that I've gotten to the point of being excited yet (after the initial BFP that is!).  I think that might happen once we get to hearing the heartbeat.
Any time I have any symptomatic pains I am really happy.  The morning I woke up and my boobs didn't hurt, I got worried. Come to think of it - that was Thursday!  But they started hurting again later in the day!  YEA!!!  lol
Today though, I am mostly feeling pretty calm and that is good.

Sleeping well?
Yes, apart from the hot/cold thing.  Blankets on, blankets off, blankets on, blankets off.  I just keep going back and forth with my body temperature.
Oh, and I've upped my water intake, so I'm going to the toilet at least twice during the night as well!
But, I am going back to sleep straight away and getting enough sleep.

No.  Expect for wanting to eat really well with lots of vegetables and very little sugary treats.  I'm amazed at what I am not craving.  I have none of the food cravings that I usually have with my food addiction.  I still have problems with the mental need for compulsive eating, but as I absolutely don't want junk, it is not eventuating.  Most interesting.

Yes!  On and off.  I am able to rest quite a bit, so I take advantage of it and any tiredness I have is not overwhelming me.

Well, thats it for today!  Thank you everyone for you support.  Oo, yes I am a little excited now!  Nice!

Love and Light

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  1. Hi Annie, It's been crazy with my kids lately and I haven't been reading my favorite blogs much, so it is wonderful to check in and see that things are going well.

    Thanks for answering the questions. Every pregnancy is different, as "they say." I just read your current post and my excitement grows for you!