Thursday, June 10, 2010


D and I have just been made aware of a natural fertility clinic in our area.  I had never heard of it!  I am excited to know that there is somewhere else we can go for a second natural opinion if we choose to.  My belief in a natural solution is still strong and until the end of the year, it is the path that we are staying on. 

I haven’t been back to the fertility clinic since we were presented with the IVF booklet and the choice to take this path.  However, once our health fund waiting period is over at the end of the year, then if we still aren’t pregnant, we will start the roller coaster IVF path but with a different clinic.  Once the waiting period is over we will be able to choose our OBGYN, not simply take whoever we are given in the public system.  We were also told about a wonderfully successful clinic in Melbourne and wonder if we may choose to go interstate to do IVF.  It would be difficult but by the sounds of their results, highly worthwhile.

Anyway, that is several months away yet and may not even be needed. (fingers crossed)

I will need to get over my feelings of disloyalty to Queen Naturo and King Acupunc if we choose to get a second opinion at the natural fertility clinic.  These two people are more than just our naturopath and acupuncturist, over the last few years they have become friends.  I have the utmost faith in them and and feel thoroughly nurtured and taken care of in their care. 

However, I am also 41 years old and have been trying to conceive for about 14 months now.  I am wondering if this is working.  I need to look at any option available.

I am in the last week of the two week wait.  Any decisions will wait until I know one way or the other for this cycle.

I plan on returning to acupuncture treatments next cycle.  It will be two cycles that I have taken a break on this and I am ready to return to it again. 

baby in path


  1. You are sooooo courageous! I can't get over what you are going through. Take good gentle loving care of each other.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know that TTC can be so disorienting and exhausting - you are so not alone. I hope we both can support each other on this journey!!

  3. I think you are defiently asking tthe right questions, and sharing your TTC ups and downs with us all is something that I admire in you.

    Hoping and praying for you.

  4. Hi! A quick check in!

    I won't have much blogging time over the next week or two, but will be sure to catch up with your journey when I can.

    Continue to explore all of your options; the bottom line is you, D, and your one else.