Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flying again already.

Well, I can’t believe it is happening again so quickly, but I am flying again tonight.  This was an unexpected trip due to a tragedy in D’s immediate family.  We are flying to Sydney to be with them and to attend the funeral.

I am feeling a lot calmer right now than I did at this point last time, which is good.  I am still getting some feelings of panic but am able to think rationally about it and to breathe deeply.

This is my fertile week now, so there is the possibility that I could conceive between now and when we return on Sunday, if not already.  So, it is going to be especially important that I try to stay calm on the flights.  I never wanted to fly when I was pregnant.  But I am hoping I have made enough progress on my fears that it won’t be an issue.  And maybe it won’t be an issue at such an early stage anyway.

Wish me luck and inner calm.


  1. Breathing is such a gift. Breathe from your belly, it feels wonderful. Be proud of yourself ... you have journeyed a very long way in a very short time. Be gentle and loving with your heart and soul. I am sending you so much love and good energy. Take care of yourself. xxoo

  2. I've missed you a couple weeks, but as I looked back at your previous posts, I see that you benefited from the course.

    I'm sorry to hear about a death. Well wishes and prayers for D and his family.

    Have a good flight and have good thoughts about babies :)