Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fertility Clinic results

I had my second appointment with the GYN this week.   The results are all good. 

  • All my hormones were where they should be,
  • D’s results were good,
  • I have a high egg count for my age,
  • my scan was mostly good with some strange follicle/cyst behaviour that doesn’t concern her,
  • she says that I am ovulating.

Still no pregnancy!

My naturopath and acupuncturist are really pleased.  They believe that all that we have been doing for the last 5 months is working.  And I do too!  They believe that I have had/still have PCOS, but that the herbs and acupuncture are doing their job and the cysts are gradually staying away.  Queen Naturo also reminded me that a few months ago, my bloods showed that I wasn’t ovulating, so progress is being made!

At this stage, the GYN has no answer, but she does have action.  Over the next two months, I undergo:

  • a blood test each cycle to continue to monitor my ovulation.  She wants to look at whether I am regularly ovulating or not. 
    However she did say something really interesting about this.  That the fact that my cycles have regulated over the last few months, is a good sign that I am ovulating.  She said that regular cycles mean regular ovulation!  Once again, thanks to Queen Naturo and King Acupunt.  Because before them, my cycles were all over the place.  Probably why I still have lots of eggs left!!
  • And she has also scheduled me in for a HSG scan to look at my tubes.  Once again, it doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience!  But I am grateful to be able to find out whether my tubes are healthy or blocked in any way.

After that, if things are still looking good, then it becomes a diagnosis of unexplained infertility.  From there, we can choose to either continue to try on our own, or take the IVF path. 

If we are very fortunate, a pregnancy will ensue before that time comes!  However, we both agree that in two months, if we still aren’t pregnant, we will continue to work with the naturopath for a little while longer.  You gotta have faith in their 100% strike rate!

I am very grateful to know though, that the GYN will be happy to proceed with IVF.  Issues of my weight did come up, along with the complications it can cause, but it is not enough to not proceed with IVF.  She has simply encouraged me to continue to work on that area.  Like I haven’t been working on that issue every day of my life!

She was really good in this consultation.  You may remember I was unhappy with our last appointment, but it was really good this time.  She was very support and compassionate, gentle and reassuring with all the results.   And only 30 minutes late instead of 90!!  :)

So, I’ve come away reassured by all the test results.

  • I believe that, while there are still some cysts I am recovering from PCOS!
  • I am not yet convinced on the ovulation thing.  Maybe Baby is still showing nothing and I am not feeling anything myself either.  It is possible though, that Maybe Baby is just not working for me.  And their website also states that it isn’t right for everyone. 
    I am looking forward to finding out the results of continuing ovulation testing and of course, seeing whether or not, I begin a new cycle!


  1. Fabulous news!
    It's a long road you're traveling, but stay on it!

  2. It is good news and I'm working to stay positive about it all. It's not too hard to do so really! :) Thank you. xx

  3. I think that's fabulous news! You have great results and a great team working with you. Fingers crossed for 2010!!!

  4. Thanks for the reminder, Deb. We do have a good team working with us. Sometimes you forget that in the whirl of tests and results and medications!