Thursday, December 3, 2009

All okay!

Well, the ultrasound was fine.  No big deal at all.  Thank you everyone for your support and words of encouragement.  It was a relief to hear that I had nothing to worry about.

Now that a day has passed I’m not upset by the conclusions that the doctor came to.  Instead I am excited to have seen my womb and ovaries and grateful that, in his eyes, everything is normal.


While I know they do this everyday and know exactly what they are seeing and looking for, I felt that it was a rushed and cursory look at my insides.  He quickly looked at the first ovary and said that there were no cysts at all.  He then moved over to the other ovary and as he was looking caught a quick glance of some cysts on that ovary.

He looked all over this ovary and proclaimed that they were nothing and my ovary was normal.  Yet he took some time to show me the cysts that he did find, pointing them out specifically.  He said that he really had to look for them to find them and that they weren’t anything worth proclaiming over.

img_1249372897648_8641When I questioned him as to whether these cysts could cause a problem with ovulation, he was quite abrupt and said “your ovaries are normal”.

I find it strange that he saw cysts, pointed them out to me and yet diagnosed normal ovaries.  And I can’t help wonder how well he looked at my first ovary.

I have yet to speak to my naturopath about it, but I get a feeling I know what they both will say.  That any cysts are something that need to be dealt with and can be a factor in ovulation problems. [ I read that a cyst is a follicle that didn’t fully increase in size in order to release it’s egg.  And there were several of them.  This certainly explains not ovulating every month.]  And that the medical profession are quick to dismiss minor things as not important.  Yet, on a holistic scale, the smallest things can be a big influence and it makes the world of difference when they are treated.  I don’t like the idea at all that there are undeveloped follicles not able to do their job, resulting in another month of not being able to conceive.

I also had a lot of blood taken for many more blood tests.  All of which will assist the GYNs diagnosis, which is the one that counts.  There is much that needs to be taken into consideration.  I am eager to see what she says and chooses to do.

I am sure my weight will, unfortunately, be a factor in the next appointment as well as the last one.  Everywhere that you look up PCOS, obesity is a factor.  Yet, I believe that is more of a consequence than a cause.  Which just makes it all a vicious cycle!  Nevertheless, now that I am on holidays, I will have more time and more headspace in which to once again address this issue and hopefully make a difference in both our conception journey and my own personal happiness!

[PS.  Just found this quote from an article talking about how even a minor weight loss in PCOS sufferers results in increased blood flow to the womb, which can help assist the eggs release and help with embryo implantation.]

Women with PCOS, which is one of the most common causes of infertility, tend to put on weight because of their condition and struggle more than other women to lose it through diet and exercise.

img_1249372897648_8641I am excited to have seen my womb and ovaries!
I am very grateful that there weren’t a lot of cysts found.
I am extremely grateful that everything is “all normal”.
And I am highly grateful that I am already taking herbal medications to treat PCOS.

I am also excited by the follicle that the doctor showed me.  He said “see this black blob here.  That is a follicle starting growing in size.  It shows that you are getting ready to ovulate!”
I was SO EXCITED to hear him say that and to see it on the screen!!! 
Lets hope that this follicle continues to grow and develop and release its little egg rather than turning into a cyst.  It certainly was larger than the cysts he pointed out earlier on!!


  1. I wouldn't be too freaked out by your cysts. This is normal, a lot of people have cysts come and go on the ovaries on a regular basis. Shouldn't hurt your chances at all!

  2. Thanks Deb. I've read a few more things recently about that and it has been good to know.

    I guess that because of my symptoms, I was expecting PCOS and not wanting to have the diagnosis dismissed. I've spent a lot of my life having people dismiss less recognised things as being irrelevant that were actually quite a problem for me.

    But just a few cysts is such a relief compared to expecting to see LOTS! So I am very grateful!

  3. I am glad it went well and that he thinks ovulation is on its way. Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Some doctors are sensitive and some are not. I wish more were more in tune to our feelings.

  5. It's a little exciting! Thanks Nicci. PS. Vacation was great!

    me too, Anita, me too.