Saturday, December 19, 2009

A week of appointments

This week has been full of appointments – fertility clinic, two to my naturopath (one for massage and one for a naturo consult) and one to my acupuncturist.

My acupuncture appointment yesterday turned out to be a massage treatment.  I have put my neck out.  So annoying, but in the flow of my new resolve of creating peaceful thoughts, I am choosing to be grateful for the challenge that it has brought into my life.
The biggest challenge – I have to play for a wedding and pre-reception drinks today.  A bad neck and flute playing don’t really go together very well!  But I will manage as always!

Yesterday’s naturopath appointment was a good one!  Of course, they usually are!  I ended up at Gribbles pathology for yet another blood test.  This one was determine how much B12 and folic acid I personally need.  Everyone’s bodies need different amounts.  I have been taking both for a long time now, but as they are a critical part of developing a good healthy baby, QN sent me off for this specific test, so I can take the right amounts for me and bubby to be!

What was amazing, was that she had stamped urgent on the form and after they took my blood – they preceded to tell me that QN would have it in a couple of hours!!!!  Incredible!!  Their laboratory is right on site and they would do it straight away.  Hopefully QN will have time to look at it so I can pick up whatever herbs I need today.  She goes on 3 weeks break today and, while I know she will still call me and have me come in to pick them up next week, I don’t want her to have to.  It’s her holiday for goodness sake!!  We all deserve a break.

QN also looked at my blood and it was looking better than it has in some time.  All the red blood cells were floating freely, with no clumping!  But there were a few misshapen ones which are a sign of low magnesium, so we will add magnesium to the mix and I be good to go!

So once again this week, an appointment showing that things are looking good in my body.  All good news, giving me every reason to be optimistic that sometime soon we will have a little one to care for.



  1. That's great news! I think the positive thoughts are working, your body is cooperating with just a little help from your team. Glad to hear it and please keep us up to date.

  2. Thanks Deb. The positive thinking is taking a step up with my new focus of creating peaceful thoughts. It should help with the stress-free part of the conception process as well! I'm excited about seeing some results!

  3. You are going to be such an expert on fertility probably are already! :)
    Someone else will benefit from your knowledge and encouragement in the future.

  4. I'm definitely not an expert, Anita. But I am certainly learning a lot! It is wonderful to think that our experiences could benefit some else in the future. Thank you!