Friday, November 13, 2009

The Fertility Clinic

Wow, time is flying past me so quickly at the moment. The end of the school year is always a hectic time, but the Summer Holidays are almost here. Four weeks to go and then a seemingly endless 7 weeks break!

It was about three weeks ago when we went to our first fertility clinic appointment. I came away happy and disappointed all at the same time.

We waited an hour and a half past our appointment time before we finally got in to see her. 10 minutes later we were out of her room and passed on to someone else. We were told the appointment would be an hour, and I was expecting so much more. There were a few questions, a background history and then signing off on lots of tests. Blood tests, sperm tests, and an ultra sound.

After we had been passed on, another lady did our height and weight, organised the tests, told us where to go and then we were done. What the...?

There were two things the GYN said that upset me. She had a complete dismissal of all the naturopathic tests I had done and anything related to natural medicine. And she said that my weight was a problem in retaining a pregnancy. I understand now though that she was simply covering all bases. Anything that could a problem is looked at and tried to overcome. But in the short term time after the appointment, I was really upset. My doctor, naturopath and accupunturist all assured me this wasn't a problem, yet here is the GYN blunty saying it is.

However, the she covered all that I had questions about and all that I wanted to have done. She had a suspicion of PCOS before I even mentioned it and I was grateful when she signed off on the ultra sound tests.

I have had 3 progesterone tests at two day intervals in the second half of my cycle. And on day 3, I go in for my ultra sound. Then I see her again with all the results. Unfortunately, we were in Sydney for my last Day 3, so we have to wait till my next cycle to do this.

The lastest news is that this cycle we were excited to have some sign of ovulation from the Maybe Baby and my breasts became quite sore - a sign of ovulation. However, the Maybe Baby only had one day of positivity, not the 5 or 6 days it should have. After having some sign and then nothing the day after, we were so disappointed.

I saw the doctor this morning and she said that sore breasts are a sign of an increase in progesterone. And it is likely that my progesterone increased but not quite enough to produce an egg.

So, we are not there yet this cycle, but we have had our first sign of ovulation in 4 months, so it is a step closer!!

On another medical note, the reason for my doctors appointment today was to get the results of the x-rays on my knee. I finally have a diagnosis for the knee pain that I have had for over 12 years. Arthritis! Can you believe that?! I developed arthritis in my knees in my 20's. Ah the joys of netball. I played the game from the time I could hold a ball and now I have the knees to proof it!

I am grateful to have the diagnosis and now have some medication to help. I wonder how this will be affected during my pregnancy??!


  1. Thanks for the update. I have to say, I hate being told that I'm overweight by any doctor. I'm about 25 lbs over from my pregnancy 3 1/2 year ago, I already know I'm above ideal, Dont Rub It In!

    It's typical of western medical practitioners to dismiss anything natural. As long as you can incorporate the two without interfering in either one, who cares.

    Just keep those positive vibes flowing out and they will find their way back to you!

  2. Greetings,

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. For arthritis, I suggest alfalfa tea which is also good for pregnancy because it has many vitamins and minerals. Hot epsom salt baths. fill up the bath with hot water (as hot as you can stand) and add 2 cups epsom salt and bathe for 30 mintues. keep adding hot water to keep the temperature from wavering too much. i have heard that st. johns wort oil is good to rub on the knees as well.

    I would work on loosing the weight, changing your diet, maintaining a positive outlook and staying away from modern medicine. You want your body to function properly, not with foreign objects. Cleanse and then take it from there. I hope this helps and is not too forward. I think sometimes we start trusting people outside of ourselves and it turns into a medical circus. also, concentrate on maintaining a normal menstrual cycle if you do not have one.