Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chilling out!

relaxed_kitten Peace and Quiet. 
Time for myself.
So many good things.

It’s 7 pm.
It’s still daylight!
I have one more day of teaching before I start summer holidays.
The mouse has left the house!  We can now get a good nights sleep!
D is at kickboxing and the house is so so so quiet.
The sound of birds chirping as the day winds to a close is beautiful.
There is a beautiful breeze floating around the house.
I’ve had dinner.
D’s dinner is ready for him when he comes home.
I am enjoying the one perk of getting my period and not being pregnant – a really nice glass of red wine! 
Ah, bliss.

redWineIt’s amazing how not drinking enhances the effects of alcohol when you do indulge!  Half a glass of wine and I am going wooooooo!!!  haha!
I feel so relaxed.  It’s heaven.
I’m looking forward to having one more glass to share with D when he returns.  We don’t get to drink together very often anymore.  And it was one of the things the we bonded with when we first met – our love of wine.
So while it is disappointing to be starting a new cycle, we get to share that love for one little night (maybe two nights!  :)  )




  1. Hello there! I've been busier than ususal lately and have missed some of your recent posts.
    You do sound relaxed indeed. Enjoy your summer.
    I'll be checking in to hear all about it!

  2. Good for you. Enjoy your break!

  3. Hi Annie! Enjoy the wine with D :) You sound like things are going so very well :)))

  4. Hi Jane, so nice to hear from you. Yea, things are going well. There are many things that haven't happened yet, but I'm still just so happy being with D. Togetherness just makes life so much better!

    I popped into your blog the other day and really enjoyed hearing about your date night! Sounds like things are still great between you and Breen as well!