Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Will it work?

On Wednesday, I go see my naturopath.  I have to pre-order any herbs etc I will need for the next two months because of the Christmas break.  I think it may end up costing us a lot because we will have to look at the “what if?” herbs as well.

What if I’m pregnant?  Then I have to go on different herbs than I am on now.  Herbs to help hold the pregnancy for starters.  Then I’m sure there will be different things that we haven’t talked about yet.

And what if I get my pregnant while they are on their 4 week break???  We need to be prepared.

My appointment is 4 days before my next cycle is due to begin.  The pregnancy test I have says you can test 4 days in advance, however it may not be as accurate as testing later.  In otherwords, if it says I am not pregnant, there is still a chance I may be.

I think I will still do the test, because if it does show I am pregnant, aside from the Waaahhhoooooooo!  hahahaha, then we can better prepared for the Christmas break.

I sure hope we don’t have to spend a lot of money on ‘what ifs?’ !


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