Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time to blog!

I have no more conception news today.  I simply have the time to blog!  My goodness!  Where did that come from!  :)

I had the day off yesterday and apart from a couple of appointments decided to chill out.  No banking, no bookwork, no reports, no teaching, no flute, no errands!  And with the temperature sitting at around 38C(100F) for the last week and still into the future, what a day to do it!

So, today comes around and I am feeling relaxed, easygoing, with time on my hands.  Yes, all of the above things need to be done but I simply enjoyed the shopping and errands this morning and left the rest.  I deserve the break and I feel good about it!  Its so HOT here!!  Who wants to do anything!

Tomorrow I have a flute society AGM in the afternoon (the bbq lunch was cancelled due to the extreme weather!) and then we are off to see the Time Travellers Wife.  Can’t wait!

Maybe I will just do those reports now and get them out of the way…
…  mmm, no it seems it is time to go down to the beach for an evening walk.  Oh dear, what a shame!  :)…
… Oh, got the reports done, Yeea!  Now down to the beach!

Our trip to Sydney was wonderful!  We had a great trip and really enjoyed the four day (there and back) road trip together.  On the way home, we saw this amazing old train bridge and stopped to take photos.






































  1. Great photos of that bridge. 38 degrees, I'm so jealous! We are getting ready for the snow here and won't be seeing warm weather again for months! Enjoy it while you can and forget about doing those reports!

  2. Love the photos. I am glad that you enjoyed your trip. We have been enjoying nice weather too.

  3. Great photos! Ah, yes, rest is good. It's so easy to become too busy, but it's so important to rest and rejuvenate.

    Be well and full,

  4. Somehow I missed this post, but I'll ditto what the others have said about your photos - very nice!

  5. Thanks Anita, there will be more coming!