Monday, November 16, 2009

A surprise in the microscope

Yesterday morning I leaned over to do the daily saliva test.  10 minutes later, I am handing the mini microscope over to D in total surprise.  The reading was positive!  I was ovulating!  It had been five days since that first sign of ovulation with nothing since then.  There was joy and confusion from both of us!

This morning – once again, nothing on the test.  It is just so strange.

What normally happens with Maybe Baby is that you have two or three days of pre-ovulation readings, 1-2 days full ovulation readings and 2-3 days post-ovulation readings.  So this is all very strange.

Nevertheless, the two week wait now will test my patience.  While it is all a bit strange, yesterdays random reading puts the thought in our heads that it might just be possible this cycle for us to have conceived!  Maybe…  Maybe Baby!  :):)

While there is that joy of hopefulness, I am mostly  feeling disillusioned with it all at the moment.  I do acknowledge that other factors in my life are contributing to this feeling.  One of them is not feeling well at the moment, and another is a colleague announcing her pregnancy at our meeting last night.  Wonderful news for her!  :)  I just wish I was there as well.

The arthritis is giving me grief and I can feel it in my knuckles and ankles as well.  It’s as though, my body is saying “Now that I am diagnosed, feel it in all its glory!”

So, I need to work at riding through these feelings and overcoming the factors that are contributing to them.  I’ve got some work to do this morning, that will feel good to have completed and I have some difficult things to achieve at school that will hopefully, in time, begin to lift my spirits as well.

I put out to the Universe - positivity, hopefulness, patience, good health, perseverance and our dreams of a different life.

ah, the Universe is surprising.  After writing that last sentence I did a google image search for happiness.  It gave me this photo from… wait for it… an arthritis website!  Perhaps it is time to researching this as well – with joy that I finally have a diagnosis.

happiness - arthritis


  1. Thanks for the update. I'm sending out positive vibes for you!!!

  2. Isn't it just amazing how, when we ask for something, we receive it?!?! Many good wishes for very good news for you and D.

  3. I am adding my positive thoughts and vibes to the mix, and some vibes for finding the space for some extreme self care for you.

  4. Deb - Thank you for your support. It means a great deal.

    Rebecca - yes, it is good news. While it is unsure and strange, it is still the best yet! And I am able to see it that way now, after a good day at work and a lifted spirit!

    Nicci - Thanks for the positivity and support. I'll work on that extreme self care!

  5. Exciting news! It's so Wonderful that you are discovering and experiencing the potential for your new baby.

  6. Thanks Anita! I keep thinking "I could be pregnant, it is possible, I could be pregnant!" Yet, I am staying relaxed and in the moment, going with the flow of life. Right now, I have a big flute concert to prepare, so that is my focus.