Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Briefly pregnant after wedding

As an adjunct to my post on our disrupted IVF round three, is a interesting little story!

We have some friends who were married a couple of years and are having some trouble trying to conceive as well.  Different circumstances as they are both young, but having trouble is still having trouble.

Anyway, R said to Dave one day, "there will be no pregnancy for you until there is a ring on your finger!"  He was joking mostly, but it was an interesting thing to say.  Sure enough, two weeks after our wedding, we got the phone call about the pregnancy.  Lets just ignore the fact the nurse also said that it wasn't looking good and she was right.

When we think back, we wonder if we conceived on our wedding night.  What a great story that would have been!  Three and a half years of trying and it took us to get married before got pregnant!

Even though it wasn't to be, I like to think that maybe there is some truth to R's half joking comment.  That now that we are married, will be the time for success!!!

Love and Light!


  1. This story does ring true for me. We married in June 2005 when I was 44 and I was pregnant the next month. I like to think that ring made all the difference. That little miracle will turn 7 in April so don't discount "R" wisdom yet.

  2. I have my fingers crossed still. My sense of hope has returned again and I am grateful to be slowly returning to my normal self.

    Thanks so much for visiting!!!