Monday, November 12, 2012

We're married!!

Amongst all the IVF things, Dave and I have been planning our wedding!!!  And on October 20, 2012, we finally did it! 

It was such an absolutely wonderful day!   Everything went so well, the day ran smoothly and we had a blast from start to finish!!

It is so exciting to be married to my wonderful man.  We both thought that things wouldn't be any different once we had tied the night.  But we were wrong.  We both felt it in the first week.  Things are better.  Something has shifted in our relationship and we like it so much better.  We can't pinpoint what it is, but we like it!

Perhaps it is because our relationship is now blessed, perhaps it is because it is now legal and official, perhaps it is the public affirmation of how much we love each other and how we will support each other, perhaps it is the public support of all our friends, perhaps it is the personal acknowledgment between us that we are forever.  Who knows!  
All I know is that I love it!!!!!!

We don't have our professional photographs yet, but I thought I would put up a few photos from our friends to give you an idea of our day.  Enjoy!

During the ceremony

My girls helping me

A pre ceremony moment

Me and my girls!

Post Ceremony happiness

The Ceremony Gazebo

Our Lookalike Clay Toppers


  1. You are so beautiful! I can feel the joy through the photos...lovely wedding. Now that you have chosen to honor God and each other in this way, I can hardly wait to see the wonderful blessings that await you and your husband! Hugs and congratulations!

  2. Thank you Cynthia. It was lovely to hear from you!


  3. So that's what you've been doing!

    I am so happy for you and Dave. And you are beautiful in the pics! Dave ain't bad either. :)

    It appears to have been a lovely ceremony. I like the red you chose for your bridesmaids.

    I pray that your wedded bliss is all that it should be. xoxo

  4. Thanks Anita. Wedded bliss has been great so far!

    It has also been great to browse through your blog again after so long. Always a pleasure!

  5. OMG, you looked AMAZING* Wow, beautiful. I m so very happy for you both and I still have my fingers crossed and saying lots of prayers for you.

    Love Salma

  6. Thank you so much Salma, thats very nice of you! It is so lovely to hear from you.

    I loved your photos in your "fall inspirations" post. Just beautiful. I wasn't able to comment though. Is that right?

  7. The photos are beautiful. And so are you. Congratulations!