Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flower Power Mom on CNN

I received an email today from the amazing Angel La Liberte of Flower Power Mom
She was just on CNN supporting motherhood over 40.  On her request

, here is her email.  Go and check out the interview!

You may remember that I launched a  Mother’s Day awareness initiative on later life motherhood, on behalf of  Flower Power Mom—The Truth About Motherhood After 40.

On Saturday 22nd May,  I was interviewed for a live debate on CNN News with anchor Don Lemon, regarding the issues related to over-40 motherhood (connected to the Kelly Preston story).

In case you’re interested, I’ve enclosed a blog link which contains the footage:

You can view it at the main site or standalone blog.

Main site: http://www.flowerpowermom.com

Standalone: http://flowerpowermom.com/wordpress/?p=1720

Please consider forward this email and spreading the word to your friends and contacts. It was quite a breakthrough in generating more understanding and support of women having children after 40!

Kind thanks,

Angel La Liberte, Founder,  FPM

The Truth About Motherhood After 40


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