Saturday, January 2, 2016

The results!

Day 16 after fertilisation.  The day has arrived.  Blood test day.  I was down at the blood clinic at 7.45.  Now we wait...

In the meantime...

By day 12 after fertilisation, I was going a little nuts.  I just had to do a home pregnancy test.  It was positive!  A step in the right direction.

By Day 15 after fertilisation, I was going nuts again.  I had to check.  Positive again!  The relief I felt was huge.

I was still feeling good this morning.  Happy to wait the day out.  Then the fertility clinic called.  They were just checking that I had done the test and wanted to know where I went so they could keep an eye out for it.  So good of them.  They are amazing.

Except after I got off the phone, the anxiety was back.  The anticipation.  Worry.  Fortunately, I went back to my relaxed place - mostly.

My physical symptoms are also confirming the positive tests.  Most symptoms I have can be associated with pregnancy or pre-menstrual, but now the body temperature fluctuations have started.  I'm going from hot to cold during the day and at night I am super hot in bed.  The only times I have felt this symptom is when I've been pregnant.  So another good sign!

It doesn't help that we are having temperatures in the high 30's , low 40's at the moment.  Around 100 for those in Farenheit!  I've taken to carrying a water spray that has a fan attached to it.  And at night, I keep a wet flannel next to me.

Time to wait...

A few hours later....

It's Positive!!!!!


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