Sunday, January 17, 2016

6 weeks, 6 days

6 weeks, 5 days and still pregnant!  We hope...

We had a bit of scary drama on Friday night...

I had a bleed.  We thought - thats it, its all over. Turns out, its not.  Big deep breath out.

It was 9.30 pm.  We called the clinic straight away and were very thankful that it was our fertility doctor who was on call that weekend.  She talked us through a few things, including that a bleed doesn't necessarily mean a miscarriage and suggested we go to the hospital for a scan.

By 4 am we had finally left the hospital with no clear result but with hope that things were still ok.  The scan showed that there was a yolk sac, but no proof of life.  At 5 weeks, 5 days it was too early to know.

The clinic got us in for a scan on Monday and wow!!, they detected a fetal heartbeat!  They were quite clear before the scan that it was very unlikely they would detect one at 6 weeks, but sometimes it happened.  Really what they were looking for was signs of the yolk sac and a healthy uterus.  They found that as well.

The scan showed that no bleeding had occured from the uterus, the lining was good, the sac was good, everything looked as it should.  And of course, a heartbeat!

So they believe the bleeding came from the cervix.  With all the hormones I am taking, the cervix has been weakened.  And before the bleed, I had done some vaccuming and mopping, which could have been the issue.

After having another little issue a few days later when I did some more vaccuming, we know that this is the cause.  So, I've been ordered off housework.  With Dave in full swing of work, he just not have time to take up the slack, so we have to get a cleaner.  Its not financially good for us, but it might only be for a few weeks, until I stop taking hormones and the cervix gains some strength.

Since then, I have been brown spotting every day.  I do wish it would stop.  While its not scary because it is nothing fresh, it still leaves us with mild anxiety as we wait for everything to heal.

The other difficulty is in the depth of my exhaustion.  I've tried to keep up walking believing that would be helping, but I've been ordered of that as well for the next few weeks.  It is just more important that all my energy goes into growing our baby.

So, a scare, and a few resulting frustrations.  But, I can live it with it all knowing that is ensuring the continuation of our pregnancy and the health of our growing baby.

Tomorrow we go for a follow up scan to make sure things are still developing as they should.  We will both sigh a big relief if this one is also good.  Considering my daily nausea as well as tiredness and muscular stretching pains, I think the chances are good!


  1. Annie! PLease tell my that your baby is still growing inside of you. What a surprise to come here and find this new direction in your life.

    It's after mid-night, so I don't have energy for a long comment, but so many thoughts are going through my mind. I actually had to read and re-read the dates of your posts. I thought I was imagining things. :)

  2. HI Anita, So lovely to hear from you. I've been thinking about doing another post and catching up on events. Your comment might inspire me to do that! Things are still going well and we have just had our 12 week scan which showed everything still perfect! We are now in new territory! I'll write all about it. :) Thank you for your thoughts. xx