Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Being cared for

I've had a pretty amazing few days this week and have such a strong sense of being looked after.  Dave went away on Friday and I knew I was going to have trouble with my anxiety without him.  But due to some incredible friends and my mother, it has been managed and cared for so well.

Saturday night my Mum stayed over with me.

Sunday and Monday night, one of my dear friends "S" stayed with me.  She did this out of the kindest of her heart to help me through this difficult time.  She is an amazing woman!  And it was great for her as well to get some time away, take a break from her normal routine, and be able to do whatever she wanted in peace and quiet!!  Spending time together was fantastic!

And Tuesday night another dear friend "C" stayed with me.  With this friend, I did a deal.  She needed help with her bookwork and receipts, wanting help sorting out the last two financial years as well as setting up some software for the upcoming financial year and to establish new, organsied habits for her accounting.  So I offered a trade.  She came up with all her paperwork and stayed the night.  I was able to help her get on top of things, choose and set up new accounting software, and she was able to give me the company I need so much right now.  A great deal!  And we had a wonderful time!  As it turns out, she also came swimming with me.  She was going to miss her swim session this week and when I said that I just needed to do my swim first before she came, she jumped at the opportunity.  I waited for her and we swam together.  Perfect!!

And Dave, my wonderful husband, did it again.  On Thursday night, I came home to him cooking up a storm.  He was once again making me a huge big lasagne to last me through several meals without him.  God, I love that man!

On Friday night, another friend is coming over the evening.  She isn't staying the night but it will be so good to spend the evening with her.  She is also my naturopath and gave me this super duper incredible mix to help with my anxiety.  Within half an over of taking it, the chest pains have faded and things are manageable again.

I hope it works tonight.  Tonight I am on my own.  I can already feel my anxiety increasing.  I know I can ask Mum to stay, but I would really like to be able to do it myself.  "C" is also a naturopath and gave me a bit of advice on my mix.  I can take a bit more in one day as long as I take less the next day.  I can even spread this out over a few days and reduce for the rest of the week.  So maybe I will need just a bit more till Friday and then stop when Dave returns on Saturday.

So a blessing of a week that I am so grateful for.  I am still very concerned about my anxiety and I'm still not feeling settled within my "new self".  I still need more time.  And thank goodness, I have it.  I do have a lot of committments over the next two weeks and would prefer to have several days in a row of time at home, but little by little I will find myself.

Love and Light

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