Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A response!

Two posts in one day.  This one is in answer to Anita, who wrote a comment to my post The Journey Through.

I’ve always appreciated Anita’s comments and concern and support for our journey.  I value her on-line friendship greatly.  In this comment, she expressed her concern over my physical and emotional trials and wondered if it wasn’t time that I get on with fertility treatments and “get on with the business of being a wife and mom! :)”

She was writing this comment, just as I was writing my last post “Again???”, which came with a much more healed and renewed approach!

I started to write a response and after about 5 paragraphs, realised it was much more than a comment and has now morphed into this post documenting where we are with our thinking on fertility treatments!!


We had just started the fertility treatment process, when I got pregnant naturally.  It was amazing!  We were so excited.  Even though it didn’t work out, we have found renewed hope that we can do this naturally.  So we have decided to give it just a couple of months to see if it can happen again!

I so don't want to go through all the hormone treatments of fertility.  I know I will struggle with them, with the emotions and the time, and all else that goes with it.  Ultimately though, I will do anything of course, but just a couple of months of trying is the right choice for us now.  It will be good!

In retrospect, we are very happy that we got pregnant before going too far into the process with the OB that we saw.  I didn't like him!  He was very negative about getting pregnant over 40 and I don't need that attitude or the energy that he gave out.  We have another name of an OB now (a female), recommended by our doctor, and will go with her if unsuccessful this month and the next.  This will also take me closer to the end of the year and the summer break, which will be much easier to handle.

While I don't like the emotions/physical things that have been happening, I do see them as an important growth process for me, just as they were last time – 12 years ago.  I realised last night that I haven't binged for nearly three weeks now.  I feel the changes that are happening in my life, and I'm so glad.  Things are on the improve.

Thank you so much Anita for your concern and your support!  SmileSmile 

Love and light



  1. Hello Annie, I'm pleased that you decided to respond to my comment. Of course, I was not seeking an answer, for some things are difficult to sum up in a post. However, you've done very well in describing your feelings here.

    When I wrote the comment, I was moody and sad about some difficulties other friends are having and wishing it would all go away for all of you. I hesitated before hitting the send key, because I thought you and your other readers would think I was being too blunt. But, I think you felt what I was saying - that I care about my Austrailian bloggy friend. :)

    I've read your 9/4 post. Glad you're finding the right doctor for your personal needs. Even though I've felt your sadness, I've also felt your joy, excitement, and anticipation. I'm sure there's of that (the latter) to come.

    Sooo...onward with the baby making process - whichever ways and methods you decide on! Follow your heart and instincts.

    Thank you for understanding my intent and also for mentioning me and my blog to your other bloggy readers. Perhaps I'll hear from them. :)

  2. oops...left out a word. should have said, "more of that to come."