Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today I find myself wondering yet again “Am I pregnant?”  I’ve been having trouble sleeping the last few nights and I have sharp lower back pains.  Considering I have been sleeping really well for two weeks now and haven’t had lower back pains since I don’t know when – I am wondering.

Gosh, is every symptom in this two week wait going to make me thing maybe I am!

The difference now from a few months ago, is that I have been pregnant.  Before then, we had given up any hope that I was going to conceive naturally.  Now there is hope.  Now I have experienced what it was like for a just a few short weeks.  Now, I have some understanding of the symptoms.  Now I have faith again that it will happen.  In some ways, I am almost expecting it.  This is good!

Due to the lack of sleep, I am struggling to get through the day.  But once 3.30 rolls around, I intend to do a little bit of shopping for our dining table – which is always a fun thing to do and then go home and curl up in front the heater with the TV or a book and chill to the sound of the pouring rain.  I can’t wait.  That thought will get me through the day!!!


  1. Interesting how you were probably writing this post while I was commenting on your last post that had such a different tone.

    But after reading here - I'm happy because you are happy!

    You know my wish for you...I hope this is it!

  2. You are an AMAZING Woman, Annie. I will hold you in my consciousness. Love and light, Donna