Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A beginning

book-course-in-weight-loss  I made a good start today on the Marianne Williamson book “A Course In Weight Loss”.  I think it will be a good step forward in the right direction for me.

I also downloaded the two radio shows she has done on this so far from Hay House Radio.  I am halfway through the first one.

It is amazing how much she just nails the whole issue.  She really gets it.  And I am going to make a concerted effort to go deep into the process that she takes her readers.

As such, I think it is a topic more suited to my Creating Peaceful Thoughts blog.  That is exactly what it is about – changing my mindset.  So while any progress ont his will hopefully help us conceive, any further entries on this issue I will do over there.

Love and light to you all.

NM over40 (to be!)



  1. Good for you Annie! I like Marianne Williamson ... Your body will adjust to your new thinking.

  2. I hope that this new year and new mindset will result in all things positive.

  3. Hi Annie! Nice to hear from you!

    Weight, parents, and the baby...all major issues in your life...but it's all doable.

    I hope your parents will get to a peaceful state in dealing with your mom's cancer, and of course, I pray that she gets healthy again - your dad, too.

    Back in the early 90s, I read one of Marianne Williamson's books. I think it is named, "A Return to Love." It was really what I needed at that time. I hope the book that you're reading will have a big impact on your life, too.

    And your future baby... :)
    My vote has always been to expedite it with whatever you can do. And your marriage, too.

    Marriage and children have a life of its own! How we get to it hardly compares to the existence of it.

    If it's meant to be, that is my continued wish for you and D.


  4. Annie,

    I haven't been around for a visit and I really miss you. I love Marianne Williamson and I'm sure you will get a lot out of her writing. I've cleaned house a bit, shut down my old blog and given it a new voice over here:


  5. The mind and body connection is so powerful when it comes to getting pregnant. You're taking the right steps. Blessings to you!

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